GM - stories from Trafford residents about their experiences of attending GP surgeries

So how was your experience in the last 12 to 6 months? Um, yeah. So basically, um So basically, in the last 12 months, I I had a different GP. Um, during covid. It was absolutely amazing

So I had a great service. I had a lot of appointments. Um, regarding my health issues, I was seen face to face, so I was able to see them face to face and safely and with the socialised and two metres apart

And it was quite flexible, and they were really supportive. Um, and that's all I can say. But once I moved to another area with a different GP

Um, in the last six months, it was an absolute horrible. It was really, um, disrespectful, as I can say when I call them, um, I've had a lot of health issues, and all I get is just phone calls, even though I need to be seen, um, from it's really different from the previous GP. Because previous GP I get seen while this GP I don't get seen and they said you have to wait for a doctor to tell me when I can go and see him

So it's just basically really hard to see a doctor in this GP. Um, I've currently done a surgery and I've have stitches basically in my tummy and my chest, and there's a string that's come out. And what I've been told is, after your recovery, the GP obviously will

You know you'll have appointments with a GP just to see if everything's OK after the surgery and everything. But till now, it's been like a week now. Um, since my recovery is done, um and I've not been contacted from my GP or anything

Um, and there's a string. I don't know it now, if I, like, pull the string now, it will open my skin, so it is quite dangerous. So I'm be careful with this string in my tummy

Um, so I've tried to call them. Sometimes they don't respond. They all it hangs up by itself

Even if you want to see a doctor, you have to wake up at eight o'clock or 12. But when I wake up at eight o'clock, honestly hours and hours, it hangs up by itself. And when it when they finally answer, they full booked

So that's another thing I'm looking forward to like I want to book an appointment, but you can't because it's busy, always busy. So when I leave it till the afternoon and I called them once at 12 at 12 20 they said You have to call back in 10 minutes And I said, OK, I called them at 20 you know, 12. 25

And they said, You have to follow the rules and stuff like that and you have to do as basically as everybody. And then when I called at 12. 30 it stayed silent and no response, nothing at all

I stayed hours and hours. No one responded. So basically now I'm just using 111 instead of the GP

Yeah, that's it. It's leaving me now. Just use even 111

Yes, you do stay longer. But at the end they do respond and they do an assessment for you. The GP, some of them are, are good

I'm not gonna say no. But North Manchester GPS they have to look into it. They have to improve their service, improve the way they speak to patients, improve the way of scheduling, improve the way of booking systems and stuff like that especially, you know, vulnerable people

If they can't make phone calls or book an appointment, what's the solution for it? You know, they just need to improve their service better. And that's fantastic. Thank you

Um, so with obviously covid happening, um, do you feel like going to the surgery and see that your GP has affected you because of covid? I mean, definitely. Yes. Um, So, um, I had really pain in my chest

I did go to the GP without an appointment, and they said because of covid, you can't come in and you have to go home and book an appointment. Um, it has impacted a lot. And to be honest, now, all I'm hearing is excuses

I know how covid can impact a lot of people, but it's just not helping patients. It's just not helping find and support from the GP. Um, it's just leaving people leaving them was like, What? What do I do now? You know, the GP is not available

They're always busy. Covid Corona. It's been two years now since covid

You know, we can. We just I think we just have to live with covid now, and we have to be more careful to each other. But that doesn't mean it has to impact every single patient for using this

You know, um, the service. Especially when you call them as well. You spend five minutes just talking about covid

And then it rings five minutes covid, like even that could, you know, take a lot of time as well whilst waiting. So yeah, it has impacted a lot, really a lot. It's just stressing me a lot, especially as a young person

Um, I want to get to receive the right support in terms of my health issues. But covid is just stopping the way. So Covid has frustrated a lot, and it needs to be looked into it as well

And, you know, shortest short, you know, short of the staff, they need to look, you know, if this staff has Corona, at least we have a backup plan and stuff like that. So they should have, like, plans to make sure that our patients don't feel left over with no support.

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