GM - stories from Trafford residents about their experiences of attending GP surgeries

So how do you feel about, um, your GP service at the minute? And how do you feel about the service that they offer you? Um, I feel like my GP service at the moment is actually, it's not too bad. So I tend not to go in person because that's the thing that I just don't want to do. But I'm able to call up my doctor and have, like, a proper conversation and appointment through the phone. I don't feel like anything's, like, limited

Um, what was the other question? Um, just how Just how do you find the services Really good. I think everyone there is help. And yeah, do you find that, um, the options kind of phone up instead of going in? Do you find that? That makes it like What? What does that do for the experience for you? Um, I feel like sometimes it's OK, but I feel like sometimes it can be limited because obviously I don't I'm not getting any physical checks or anything like that

It's just a phone conversation. Um, but I do feel like it works OK, but it does have. It's obviously like everything

Yeah, and how do you think? Um what? What are your thoughts on how your GP has handled Kind of patient accessibility with covid. Um, I feel like they've actually been pretty good. A bit too good

So I was getting emails or text is, like, maybe three times a week, letting you know that they weren't accepting anyone in surgery. Um, but they're really good at letting you know. Wow, if I If I call up and I talk about my issue, then like, actually, this only needs to be a phone

But if they did think it was in person, they were still trying to get me in person. Yeah. Yeah

And how do you find like, that this GP supports you compared to kind of previous GPS that you visited? Probably. I've probably had the most support from this GP. So with all of my health issues in the past, I feel like so my issues were mental health related

So I feel like a lot of my old GP They didn't really understand that or didn't know what to do. I feel like with this GP, they know what to do. And I actually feel confident talking to them

So, like when I talk to them, I feel like there's an actual solution instead of in the past. I feel like I've still kind of been stuck about my health, and I didn't know what to do, but I feel like this is more helpful. Yeah

And, um, let's see the question I was going to ask, um, what do you think of the way you like? Have you found that there has been any barriers recently? Um, in terms of, like, GP accessibility? Yeah, a little bit. So with my GP, if you want, um, a phone conversation or a phone appointment on the same day, you have to call at 8. 30

However, when you call at 8. 30 everyone's calling at 8. 30

So then I'll probably call back at nine when the phones are free. But then I can't get an appointment for that day. So I think the whole phoning thing sometimes can be quite limiting

Yeah, And if you could speak to your GP and give them something that you'd want them to improve on, what would you say? Um, I think maybe I know it's my responsibility to contact my GP if I need to like anything, but maybe, just maybe once a year, just call me and check how things are going on. Um, and not not massively. Just like do you need a doctor's appointment or whatever? Or if there's any issues that I haven't been able to talk to them about If they just call me once a once a year Lovely, thank you


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