GM - stories from Trafford residents about their experiences of attending GP surgeries

Hi. So, basically, today, I'm gonna I'll be asking you how your experiences have been with your GP and how it's affected you, whether that's positive or negative. All right, well, depends. I've had positive appointments from my GP when I had tonsilitis, and they give me antibiotics, which was amazing, and I got them straight away

Only because I was on the foster care. So priority. Uh, other than that mental health, the terrible

And they just diagnose you and give you medication. So your GP is actually being diagnosing you? Yeah. I didn't even get to go in to see him because of Corona was over the phone

So how do you feel with covid? How has that affected you with going into the GP or speaking to the GP when I go in? It's just horrible, innit? When you wear a mask, it just gives you anxiety because you don't know what they've. Actually, their actual emotions are behind the mask and what they're thinking and stuff. So do you think that's prevented you from going to the surgery? Yeah, definitely

Like I just order stuff online. I don't need a GP. OK, thank you


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