GM - stories from Trafford residents about their experiences of attending GP surgeries 

my experience with the GP is quite good, but I feel like sometimes it can be bad. And that's due to covid restrictions. So, um, visiting the GP, obviously with myself, like certain people, I from wearing a face mask. Now, when you do attend surgery, they do try to bribe you to put your mask on, to protect other people and yourself

Um, and sometimes I feel like I'm being put under pressure by having to wear a mask. And so sometimes I feel like I don't want to attend the GP surgery due to the restrictions. And also, when you call in the GP, um, I find it very hard to get through to the GP in the queue between, like 38 40 due to everybody ringing

So I feel like it's very hard to try and contact the GP. Why do you think that is? Because everybody's ringing. And with covid as well

The probably short staff, right? OK. And have you been to the GP in the last sort of 6 to 12 months? Have you been? Yeah. And what? Has it changed any at all? Has it changed? Do you feel like it's changed over the last 12 times you've been going, Um, I think it has changed

Yeah, there's a lot of changes because of covid. Um, and I feel like the GP is like, I understand you have a limited time that you can see the GP for, but I feel like when you go to see the GP, you get rushed quite a lot. And because of so many patients, see? And they've got so many people, Um, so many things to do

So I feel like when you go to the GP, you're basically wasting your time because, yeah, you are being listened to. But on the other side as well. You're not because you get so you can't explain the whole thing

That's wrong with you or what you need support with. So what do you mean by getting rushed? Is it like, how does that work? I feel like you go in, you sit down, you get asked about 100 questions, then tell the GP. And then it's like, right, bye, See you and then that's it

And is Is that the experience of everyone you know? Or is that just do you think that's just your experience or, um, I say that's my experience. But like with certain people in my family as well that that's their experience that they've had, and so that that's why sometimes they don't want to go to the GP because I think there is no point in going because they're not getting listened to because of how many times that they're getting rushed. So I think, like with going to the GP as well or making an appointment

It's very hard because you have this now new online service, which is as my GP. But when you do use it, say, for example, like with myself, find it very hard sometimes in the mornings to wake up due to me not being well with mental health. So when you wake up, you can't make an appointment because the court that as my GP off at a certain time of the day because there's too many people requesting for appointments, that's really difficult for how do you How do you get around that? What do you do? And I've learned a thing that I don't think many people know

But when you ring my GP, um, when you speak to a section. There's a number that says, Press one if you want to call back, so I press number one and get a call back and that's how I got my appointment.

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