Mandela's Birthday
Yesterday, might have gone to FREED UP(Poetry night at the Green Room).
Anyway, todays...
Why Energized? Newspapers I do not read. The nearest I get to their fare really is from glancing at the Headlines from Hotmail/MSN. Most intrigued by Header about Hot Metal Monk.
Certainly worth reading that. 62 year-old Monk (with a bunch of young chaps) is on his second Heavy Metal album
When he turned-up, audition-wise; they had their doubts. Dispelled in minutes. Yep, Brother Metal as he's been dubbed seems as though he's the real deal folks.
Should you ever be thinking: 'won't be seeing 35 again may as well give up any ideas of mega-stardom'.
If that is your consideration, put Metal Monk, Brother Metal, some such thing into Google. If the gen is not given there, find another search-engine. Wallow in his success (I don't suppose there can be 62-year old groupies - however that is being perverse isn't it?)
Lap it up folks
See you later

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