• Emily talks about their experience of the DePaul & Pathfinder Programme

Emily talks about their experiences of accessing the Pathfinder DePaul support service and how it has helped them to feel safe and secure

Ohh. Oh, hello there. Can I speak to Emily, please? Oh, hi there, Emily. My name is Rachel

I'm phoning, um, on half of under path finder, the DePaul programme. And and he'd mentioned that you might be up for having a cat with us about your story about your experiences of that. Would that be okay? Fantastic

Thank you so much. Generally are you a kid to talk now? Is that all right? I'm on the bus. No worries if we see how we go

Is that okay? It seems quite quiet on the bus there from the from my experience of the buses. So were quite possibly, quite possibly. Yeah

Um, so yeah, basically, um, under put forward your name to say, um that you might be able to talk to basically about what support you've had through the past. Find the pool programme. How have you found it? What's been your experience of it? Honestly, it's pretty excellent

And obviously, I think having a proper chat office and then not being just on the bus, um would better However, um, the programme be amazing. They are listening to light, but only that they have pretty much given me a hope. Something to go off

You know that there are good for this world. That's this. Know things tried as well

Fantastic. Fantastic. I'm so pleased to hear that

It seems like a really positive experience. And so, what kind of things have, um, have they helped with specifically, Is there anything you can tell me about that? So they helped counsel? No, Um, they were helpful. Uh, rentals

They help with general support? No, basically mention for, you know, help with, uh ah. Just trying to find a path forward during the multinational meetings. Universe trial with all frustration didn't happen

But did you say sorry? Did you get Yeah. So the laced with the university to try and find a housing solutions? The house advices work. Not that fault

But it was just the university. Ah, when things this kick off Ah, they, you know, talk to account, put me some they want me to put actually put me, you know, um uh, they came to you in spay They helped special property. Um, they, uh, the council to divide uhm with the positive friends and all sort of things like that

Uh really, to the stamp this good one cake. You free of things? Uh, without them, I would have been as purpose returns the life of Be honest, I could take you would have been Did you say without them that you would have been homeless? Yes. Yep

Uh, what about that out? And they those as well, like, um no matter how terrible. God, because I tried got briefly terrible. They stuck with me on my side, and then they would not give up

Ah, especially who's who's nothing. Manager was, um maybe she she acted in the, um where she really had to sell the target, trying to help the extra. And she was like, I am going to Absolutely

She missed it by a few days, but I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I'm not gonna because, you know, it took days to find somewhere, uh, when I was in terms of the, uh the the project itself. If you like this, the system and and the support ha have you found it's different in any ways from from previous support that you've accessed. If you have a person centred, approach orange to, uh, run A with the approach that put the bus bus, and they go with what young person once? Ah, it's a really, really good price that will yield and ask

You'll be a lot of good results with them, and to the point where I'm, um because I think they are an excellent calls. I think they are absolutely amazing what they do as from the loveliest. And, um, how's that made you feel just in general like having that around you? Oh, it's amazing

Like, um, I I could buy myself, but, um, no, it's always be a struggle. Name to you, Peel. Thanks

Uh, no kewl in my ear. But because of the call, um, this I can I can sleep at night knowing that if anything, at a lot of power work, it's it's not a case, just like, you know, it's just that way away for box things. Absolutely not

But I can sleep at night knowing that it was comfortable work done my back down, and I can, you know, feel about this normal life and the last I've been near on and October, uh, on on totally online baby cow. And to know that they have a telephone tenancy. Uh, you know, for decent amount of under the actual location

Do anything with the maintenance, as I know that if I struggle, then you know, they've offered me six months of under sports, and I know I can always talk to them and book sessions profession. Uh, just, you know, say what? Problems? They'll find a way very much your problem. Problem

I like that. A problem solving approaches is very, very, very good. And in terms of obviously called today and just having a chat about your your story, Really? The idea is that it helps us to develop an insight into what currently been done and maybe how services might be improved in the future so that we can listen to what you're saying, you know, and pinpoint and key messages

Is there anything else you'd like to ask Emily? That would help us? Kind of like, pick that out as well. Did you say you've worked? I'm sorry. Could you say you've worked in the mental health sector? Yeah

And the child of in the past. Ah, but I have actually won a few ideas. You know what is wrong? Just how you go about the the trouble is the support is a lot out to explain

Ah, so yep. When you're not on the bus. Yeah, No problem

That's kind of limits. Of course. Of course

I totally understand. No, that's That's brilliant. Thank you so much for for the chat today

But, um, when when might be be, um, available to to, uh, talk a bit more length when you're on your way. Did you say at the moment, so too? Okay, if I give you a call after. Fantastic

Thank you so much. Emily. Just before you go, I'm gonna quickly just, um, talk to you about the consent form, if that's okay

You're about to get off the bus or you got the moment. Okay. Okay

I'll be quick as I can. Okay. Um, so I'm phoning from, um, people's voice

Media. I don't know if Ander giving you some context for that. Just Yeah

Brilliant. That's that's great. And, um, if you were interested in, you know, creating any you know, any more stories about your experiences or things that you would like to talk about as well, then, um you know, that is a place where you can share that as well which would be wonderful

Um, we was looking for people who who might want to be involved in that as well. And so, um, in terms of the consent form, basically, we teamed up with the pool and Pathfinder and the Manchester Metropolitan University to listen to those experiences from yourselves and brilliant. So, um, what I can do is because I've got a digital online version of the consent form

If I put in your your name as a storyteller, are we okay to use? Use your story either from like today or what we talk about later, as being part of the community Reported Internet public Web website. Is that fabulous? Yeah, in general. Obvious

So we don't ask for any identifying. We ask you to not, like, mention anything identifying, uh, if you like, Um, because yeah, we don't We don't edit because we're not a gate keeper. You know, we would like to make sure that everybody says what they would want to actually say, Um, so that that'd be brilliant

So you'd be, um, saying yes. You're voluntarily doing this, obviously, and that that's okay for you. Brilliant

And and obviously, we will hold on to, like just the data that needed within, you know, G d p r. Obviously guidelines, So yeah. Sorry

Go on anyway. Yes. Brilliant

Okay. Thank you so much. I will fill it in on your behalf, then, if that's okay, and we will track later

So sometime after two o'clock this afternoon. Yeah, well, be fabulous. Thank you

Have a lovely time. Bye bye.


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