Echoes of Life @ Bombed Out Church

Liverpool Waves of Hope’s creative writing group present our next art project in collaboration with the Bombed Out Church.

Waves of Hope provides support to those with multiple complex needs, including homelessness, addiction, mental ill-health, and offending. Our creative writing group consists of individuals with lived experience of multiple complex needs. We worked closely with the Bombed Out Church to use the building’s space, history, and current identity to bring a new dimension to our writing.

Echoes of Life @Bombed Out Church built upon the writing and photography of the Waves of Hope Hub by encouraging the public to interact through an invitation to add to the project with their own writing, painting, or commentary. The aim was to share a space where the project grew into more than it could ever have been on its own, to share experience, and to create a new voice of both individual and shared experience.

The work is situated around the railings of the Bombed Out Church to create a unique exhibition space around a building that represents Liverpool's past, and it's present social issues.

These stories are us, and we will let you in. Please let us in, and perhaps if we ever meet, share a story or two with us.

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