David talks about his not so good experiences of care and support!

I'm a bit hesitant and everything because I'm also being diagnosed with autism, so things are a bit phased for me. So, um, no, I'm a I'm a dreaded service user. Um, I'm from North East Essex. I'm a trouble maker, but I don't really care

Um um um, but I say I'm I'm radical. Um, I just want change. Um, why are you a troublemaker, David? And what change do you want? Well, I just want them to actually listen to us

I don't want them to sit there in judgement and actually go, Oh, when they get back to their managers, because each area, because sex is a complicated area, as you possibly know, um, they go back to their their managers and they say, Oh, now how many hours can be cut here? We were going to give him so many hours, but we're gonna give him less hours, but they don't actually fully understand the complexities of someone's needs. I'll give you an exam. Another example

Um, as I say, I have been diagnosed with autism. Um, the social worker said once you've got all the reports and everything through, I'd like to see them because the what? Do you know what you said? Because the doctors lose the information. Well, you know, you and I know that

That is absolute Excuse my language. Absolute crap. Um, so fortunate

I've got a copy, and doctor's got a copy, but, um, so you forward that on no change whatsoever. We carry on as we are blah, blah, blah. No, no extra support

So basically, get lost, carry on with it, and I'll see you in a year. Um, it's And also the other thing I want to them to change is the way in which they, um they review our documents, and they read the way they they don't make it very accessible. They they are very judgmental in their approach

And if you get one thing wrong, they come down on you like a tonne of bricks. Mm.

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