CDM UK is a not for profit social enterprise. The key aim of the organisation is to make a positive contribution in society through its innovative, creative and interactive textile and art focused workshop sessions.

CDM UK is a unique creative facility, using textiles and art as a tool to engage people through interactive workshop sessions to help them deal with their various personal issues, from deprivation to domestic, drug and sexual abuse, depression, isolation, loneliness and self-harm; physical, mental and learning disability and mental, emotional and psychological health needs.

CDM UK workshop sessions offer training and support for people to learn how to manufacture high quality, high fashion textile products, using natural fabrics and hand processed textile techniques such as hand sewing, hand knitting, embroidery, crocheting, weaving, dyeing, screen printing, block printing, shibori, tie dye etc.

The sessions are designed to give people a safe, relaxed and supportive environment to facilitate discussion and to enable them to express feelings while learning various textile skills, which can be the basis of opportunity for self-employment, employment, further studies or just therapeutic benefit.

The workshop sessions takes place either at the CDM UK premises, where people come and use the facilities to learn, or at various local community venues such as community centres or places of worship (mosques, churches, synagogues, temples), where we take the learning materials to them.

CDM UK promotes recycling, up cycling, green living and heathy eating in all its workshops and encourages people to live a waste free life using natural products to reduce the dependence on synthetic products that harms the environment.

One of the key focus of CDM UK activities is to promote textile education or employment amongst young people through interactive textile workshops, either at their schools, colleges or other places of study or at the CDM UK premises. So far, CDM UK has helped up to 15 young people to choose a career in textiles, either through education or employment.

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