• Is the cost of living affecting you?

A person tells us in what ways the cost of living crisis is affecting them.

if you could just introduce yourself for me and tell me a bit about, uh, I'm Charlie Green. I'm a volunteer at the active, well being Society. I'm 25 years old and I don't really know what else to say. And we're talking

This is really about sort of money and finances. Is the cost of living affecting you at the moment? Yeah. I have to choose between electric and food

I'm just lucky that I live directly across from somewhere that has a food bank and a sit in place every Thursday and Friday. I've been working here since the first lockdown ended, because even back then it was affecting me. Is what in particular is putting the pressure on Electricity prices are rising and food prices are rising

At this point, it's a choice between Do I want to have electric or do I want to have food? You can either starve or you can freeze. That's the way it seems to be as long as well as the rent increasing, which decreases the amount of money you can actually get. I'm paying 400 for a single person to live in basically a one room flat that seems like too much

What would you like to see happen? What do you think should be done? I think that it would be nice if we could find a way of stabilising prices at a level where those in a lower income can actually afford it as well as it not taking too much time out of the taxpayers' money. Because a lot of this is actually coming from the taxpayers, and it's just making the richer people richer. They don't seem to realise there is a cost of living crisis because they have the means and ability to stay afloat

We don't. Is there anything else you want to talk to me about? I can't think of anything aside from that, because I'm kind of used to it at this point also, because I did also because I did a BBC interview about something very similar very recently. Let me just stop that

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