Cost Of Inequality Story 9- This man talks about the challenge of managing an increase in bills, shopping, school meals and bus passes whilst his income has remained the same an dhow this has impacted his wellbeing. 

Hi, Mark. Thanks for agreeing to be part of this project. My name is Jean-claude Kabo. I'm one of the community reporter

I've got one question for you. Only today. How's the cost of living crisis affecting you? Good question

Um, the I think you can look at it in so many ways. Um, physical, mental and, um psychological, probably with the cost of living crisis. I think you would recognise that all our incomes have remained where it is

We've had prices hike up when you go to the shop. Now, all the, um, all the everything that we buy now has tripled. Doubled? Um, I used to go to Aldi

Um, the family budget was normally around 6, 50 to £60 a week. Now, with the cost of living crisis, we go to all the the same shop now, and we are looking at around £90 for, uh, for the week, and at the same time, I haven't seen any increments in our salary, So that has been really difficult, you know, um, cost II. I It has, um, increased, um, stress

Um, my mental health has just, you know, gone up the roof because you're thinking about where you're gonna get money to. Kind of like, um, pay Peter, Rob Peter to pay Paul. Now, um, the second thing I can tell you, um, about the cost of living crisis is around bills

The bills have also gone up. Um, council tax bills have gone up. Utility bills have gone up

Um, it's the same salary we are on. Sometimes you have to make a decision as to whether you want to turn the heating on or you want to just stay in a cold house. And all of this, um, has affected, um, my mental Well, in in a way

So these are the two, things that I can I can talk about when it comes to the cost of living crisis. Um, even the kids school DS have also increased. Um, the bus passes have increased, and you have to continue to buy all these things, but the incomes of all remain the same

Um, so yeah, um, I can I can, um, mention a few of these has been reasons why things have escalated around the cost of living. OK, thanks, Mark. Thank you for your time

Ok, bye..

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