Cost Of Inequality Story 7- A young boy talks about what money means to him, what they can and can't do because of money and what he'd do if he had lots!  

This is Alicia community reporting with questions for loca Luca. What does money mean to you? Um, it means, um, a lot because my dad, uh, sometimes asks me to look after it. And where do you look after your money? Yeah, money box. OK, And do you save lots of money? Oh, yeah

Save it for holiday. That's really good. So if you had lots of money, what would you do? I'd give some of it to my mum and dad

What would you give it to mum and Dad for? So Because they wouldn't have a lot. OK, so if they haven't got a lot of money, what do they spend their money on? Um, things for me. Like, um, like presents for Christmas

Yeah, um, fruit for me, if I will allow, Like the Choco Mills. Ok, Ok, um Christmas decorations. Do they spend lots on your clothes? Um, yeah, yeah

Where does Mummy go for your clothes? You know, Asta, Asta Sainsbury's ok. And Mummy and Daddy have they both got jobs? Um, yeah, that's how they get money. Oh, that's how they earn their money

Right? OK, so when does Daddy work? Um, when I'm at school. And then when does mummy work? Uh, in the night when I'm asleep. OK, so do you, like, times sleeps at Becky's? OK, but do you like it that Daddy works on the daytime and Mummy works on the night time? Um yeah, because then nanny Linda or you look after me, OK, Well done

So if Mommy and Daddy had no job and no money, would that be hard for you? Uh, yeah, it would make me quite sad. Why would it make you sad? Because we would be poor. Right

OK. And what does it mean? Poor? It means it means like you. You You have zero money

Yeah, like yeah, like, Seems like you have a house you don't have a You don't have enough to get a house in, so you have to live on the streets. OK? Anything else? What else does being poor mean? Um, it means you can't do anything. What? You mean like going out? Yeah

You can't buy anything and you can't pay the bus if you wanna go on the bus. Right? OK, it can't like pie. You just have the what? Like oh, I'm taking That's bad

Yeah, Yeah, OK, so Or if it would be good if you be good and get a job. No, that's good, cos then you get money. OK, then you get a driving licence, right? OK, then you like if you get a a boy Cos that means then you're gonna have to, like, get my boy

Then that's all. You can drive a motorbike, so if you get a car, you can drive a van, a lorry, a car. Yeah

So if so, if you get a car, that's pretty good, because you cos then you can drive a van and a lottery, OK? And so I I try. So if you had a little bit of money to spend Yeah, what would you spend it on if it was a little bit Wheels Hot Wheels cars? Yeah, because I collect them now I've got my own little hot wheels box and it's already full, so I might get another hot wheels box. Ok, thank you very much, Luca, That was really well done


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