• Cost Of Inequality Story 6

Cost Of Inequality Story 6- A woman talks about what money means to her, the stress and strains for the cost of living situation, the rising costs of petrol, food, rent and how it affects her. She also talks about her worries for the future. 

My name is Sophia Bebe, and I'm here to answer three questions regarding money and cost of living. So what does money mean to me? Money is security, stability and comfort. It gives you comfortable life. The second question is about the strains and stress related to cost of living crisis

There is stress and the restraints, because you are having to now be money conscious budget and really think about where your money goes. I have I felt, the increase of prices in petrol food and in rent and how it's impacting, you know, the way of life. Now third question is about How has it affected me? I'd say you worry and stress about the present and the future more

You're having to really think about your financial security in the long run. In effect, you feel like a poor person for me in particular, because whilst you're paying your bills and you're working, you do think about where is the security of one day investing in your own property? How you gonna manage that property? I'm hearing about increase of mortgage rate and how everything's increased, You know, how do you get on the ladder and how do you maintain that property if you move into it? Um, and this is just one property, you know, you think about your job, how to get promoted, maybe take on over time, maybe take on a second job. So in one way, it can make you ambitious

But another way, it's unbalanced because you can't work seven days a week and not have a life. And I feel like whilst it's manageable, what that means is you would have to work a lot more than you used to for basics, basic necessities. Now, basic necessities, I feel like are luxuries

And that's how I feel like effects is that you know you don't have that extra money to do extra things with. You are having to think about everything. And that's how I would say it's affected me as such, Thank you for your questions


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