• Cost Of Inequality Story 5

Cost Of Inequality Story 5 A parent carer describes how the cost of living crisis has impacted her, going from meeting all her bills and needs to getting into debt and living in temporary accommodation.

Hi, I'm a community reporter. And today I'm going to be interviewing a young lady to find out her thoughts and feelings about the cost of living and how it has had an impact on her life. Hello, I'm Shelly. I have four Children, and, um, I think that the cost of living has affected my life because everything's gone up the food and the gas and the electric

And, um, it's caused me to to not be able to pay all of my bills. So cos I was struggling with paying, like feeding my kids. And what, like and having enough gas and electricity to be able to wash my clothes? Um, I got into debt and I had to come and live in a hotel because in temporary accommodation with my Children cos I couldn't afford to to pay my rent, I pay my bills and that's that's it

Thank you very much. Shirley, Um, I would like to ask, are you is this impacting having any impact on your mental health and well being? Yeah, cos it's very stressful that I not not being able to do the things you could do before, Like before, you know, I could pay my bills, I could buy my food. And and now I can't like I couldn't do that

And it's really stressful, Like you're worrying about how you're gonna how you gonna survive and how you gonna like how your Children are gonna survive. And then at the same time, we're worrying about the future. Do you know, like it? It's scary when you think about it

And you got you said you've got four Children as in haven't got any disabilities. Yeah, I've got two. I've got a, um, a son with autism and a daughter with a extra

And so they're like, they require extra help and support, and that's that can be very stressful as well. My son, he's he's incontinent. So obviously we have to buy his pads and stuff, and even the price of them have gone off

Ridiculous. Has that gone off? Yeah, and the wipes, even down to like, the wipes and stuff even that's gone up by quite a like, are you? It's gone up. Are you massively getting any support with that? Um, he gets like, DL a and stuff, but do you know, like as for like actual physical support? No

OK, maybe it's something that we can talk about at the end of the interview to to sign post you. Is there anything else that you would like to to add? Add to the to the interview or make a statement about the cost of living and how it's impacting you? You've talked about just to say that you obviously or when you've like when you could live before quite happily and now you can't and everything's a struggle, and you've got to worry about everything. It puts so much pressure and so much stress out at, like on on your life

But your life's already kind of stressful. So then it just makes it even worse. And you don't know where to turn to or how to get help

Or what you can even do because everybody's in the same situation. And it's horrible. No, thank you very much for that I

I appreciate it. Thank you. Bye bye


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