• Cost Of Inequality Story 4b

Cost Of Inequality Story 4b- Parent carer shares her experience of rising costs.  

how you were saying that you have to get taxis. You every day, the taxis and the taxes. OK, before it's good. It's, uh, 10 £10 of, uh, £13

Now it's £20 for the So why you get taxi? What's the reason for my child is cannot afford to go with the, uh, screaming shouting. So when you're saying that So you're saying that when they're on public transport because they've got learning disabilities and disabilities special needs that they're running around screaming, so you have to put them on. OK, that's cool

Oh, that's excellent. Thank you for for letting us know and giving us the update about your life. And how's your How long has this been going on For? How long have you been feeling like this? Um, nine years

Nine years? Is it? A couple of years ago till now. Is it worse now? The big one beginning 60 months, 60 months, beginning nine years, So a around itself. And now it's five years

OK, but how have you been feeling? Is it before you was buying a nappies? And now is it more expensive now? Expensive now? Oh, God, Yeah. It's gonna be 10 or 9. £4 of the Now it's good to six or £7

OK, what's that for? The nappies. So you're saying before it was that price and now it's gone up by No, thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you want? More You want to add? Do I say anything close or Ok

Ok, thank you..

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