• Cost Of Inequality Story 3

A community reporter interviews a woman about the impact of the cost of living on her life. The woman, a mother of a special needs daughter and an adult son with learning difficulties and autism, shares her struggles with rising costs for essentials like food and clothing. She is currently on benefits and seeks support from her GP and other organizations for managing her mental health. She has recently started attending sessions at the women's hub in Spark Hill Road, where she receives advice and guidance on managing the cost of living crisis. She expresses gratitude towards the hub for helping her start to rebuild her life.

Hi. I'm one of the community to reporters. I'm here with a lady to find out her thoughts and feelings about the cost of living and how it's impacted her life over to you. Yes

My name's, uh, began. Um, the cost of living has affected, uh, my life, uh, and my family's life, because everything's the cost of living the bills, the food, the clo Uh, is it non-essential clothing? Everything's gone, gone costly. And, um, I have AAA little daughter

She's four years, 4.5 years old. Um, she's got a, uh, special needs

Um, so she needs a lot of, uh, sort of like extra clothing and nappies and wipes, so everything's just gone up. So, uh, I'm on benefits. Um, I have a, um an adult son

He's got, he's he's got, um uh, learning difficulties and autism. Um, so he he's also, uh, struggling at times mentally. So I have to support him and guide him through that, um, and then managing my own mental health

Um, so there'll be times that it's really struggling, so I have to go get support from my GP and other organisations that I'm currently, uh um accessing So are you access at the moment? Working with as well is organisations helping me with managing stress anxiety Therapeutic sessions also been advised about food banks So I'm Yes, I just started to access the other organisations is called the women's hub at, uh Spark Hill Lapo Road. So they do offer women, um, sort of week every Monday morning they do coffee mornings they do mental Well, uh, well-being sessions as well So I've just started to attend Uh and I'm I'm socialising more so. It's kind of, uh, slowly I'm just feeling not much isolated so that yes and the women's hub in in Spark Brook I see how you finding those services and the beneficial the it's it's very beneficial

They're giving us, uh, advice and guidance about, um, support and helping to manage, uh, the current cost of living crisis. That's growing. So So I'm very happy

No, that's the one. That's really great. Um, is there anything that you want to add? No

I'd just like to say thank you to, uh, Thea and the women's hope Just, um they kind of slowly I'm I'm gonna start rebuilding my life with them and it's been, Thank you very much for that.

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