Cost Of Inequality Story 11

Hi, Marco. Uh, welcome to this project. My name is Jean Claude Cico. I'm one of the community reporter

So today, uh, we've got only one question for you. The question is, what does that money means to you? So money is a big topic. And as for me, as a 19 year old uni student, I always saw money as something which I need to get now

And the It was like, more of, like, a chase thing. As in, like, money is something which could satisfy or fulfil my needs and my needs. Well, for right now as a student was and is sorry, uh, bills, insurance, transport and things for, you know, my university studies

So money right now is like anything I had to do. Money had to come in to fulfil and satisfy my requirements, my needs. So let's say there was times where I'd be, you know, trying to work most weeks in order to just get the money which I need and stuff like that

Just so I can, you know, pay off the bills, pay off the transport, pay off the insurance and insurance and everything like that. They don't like us young drivers and, you know, young students and stuff because they always see it as risky things. Stuff like risky people, stuff like that

But as it in general, I see money as something which can be used, you know, as a something that that can give us enjoyment. And that's what we see as enjoyment. But I know, um, as you grow older, we'll start to see as a necessity something which can, uh, you know, provide us with sus sus, uh, sustainability and stabilise us for like, for our families or for our future families, kids and stuff like that

But, um, well, let's also say is that, uh, also as uni students, we always view money as something like, as I said, for enjoyment. So let's say, on a average week, we'd spend around like, I don't know, 3040 just going on a night out or just going somewhere to just go out with friends things like that. And we just, you know, just go out to enjoy it, really

And compared to like, let's say, all the uni students or people who graduated from uni, they had to have, like, a different mindset to money as in, uh, money for them is something which they can use to look at the time ahead and look at it from a far output or further outlook in their lives. So let's say they need the money then to invest from them so that they could get more later on in the future. So things like pensions and and investments and saving as well

Saving is very big for us and we as uni students, we don't usually take that into consideration, but it is something which is really important and the time value of money. But, uh, as in in my case, and as for many of our uni students, we'd always view money. And we don't even, you know, take into essence or take in the fact that saving money is something which is like, really, really important

And I know and I've been guilty of this, that there's been a lot of times where I've used my student finance on, you know, clothes and a lot of enjoyment and things like that and entertainment. And little did I notice notice that saving money is like 111 of the most, um, important things that can happen the important things that you can actually do in your life. And it actually requires a lot of, let's say, because a lot of, you know, mental fortitude in order to in order for you to experience the two to get the things which you have now save it for later in case, you know, for an emergency or in a rainy day

So, you know, paying for bills and things like that and things of that nature is, is, is good is good, but we just don't really take it into, uh, fact. And we don't really take it, um, into us like we don't really think of it like that. We just want to, like, enjoy

Enjoy. Now, you know, just enjoy the memories we have and just go out with friends and stuff, things like that. So I kind of view money as something that we can use to enjoy something that it's like a currency, like obviously, money is a currency, but a currency that we can use

So we trade in our money for enjoyment. But I know for when it comes to in the future that we've in approaching our thirties or forties. We view money as Sophie

We we need money, which we need to like live on to survive and to provide for other people. So memories and stuff as us as uni students we view money is that that's what we need to in order to get the memories from it. So it's lack of, like, sort of exchange

But also, uh, I'd also view money on a very sort of like a spiritual level as well. And, uh, for me, my Christian faith is important, and it also provides for me, um, some sort of, um, stability in terms of how how to use money and stuff and things like that, Um, where it says in the Bible and how it talks about the power of the talents and how you can use your talents and you can gain more from it. And I believe that, um, for me, using money and saving money and, you know, handling money and handling it for good causes is something which I find is very, very important and is really, really good

And that's what kind of, uh, helps me to to, you know, stay calm and to stay, you know, in balance and in equilibrium If you know, in a balance just so that I don't overspend. I don't underspend and things like that. So that's why I think got money, in my opinion

Thank you, Michael. Thanks for your time. And, uh, we did appreciate that

Ok, Ok, see you next time. Bye bye bye.


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