Cost Of Inequality Story 10

Thank you so much for agreeing to take part and share your thoughts about cost of living. Please tell me a bit about yourself. My name is Noshi. I'm a mother of three and I'm a housewife

And, um, can you tell me when the term cost of living comes? What goes through your mind Shopping, OK, because, uh, when I go shopping, I really struggle to get the items that I want because the prices have gone somehow high. I don't use brand branded stuff anymore. Now, I just get as the smart uh um, products now, And when you go shopping, would you say you are struggling? Or would you say that you're just kind of making ends meet? Or would you say that you had to make sacrifices? Sacrifices in Watson, Uh, I have to leave the items that I really don't need it

I used to like, uh, say last year I used to get everything, but this year I just leave the things that I don't need and I just get the important things that I need. And what other things have you seen? A difference in, uh, heating electricity Heating has gone very high I can't afford the heating at the moment. I have to cut down on my time on my heating as well

And what are the things that you decided to do to to kind of fight against the cost of living crisis? Like, what kind of things have you put in place? Uh uh, I do. I don't do everything, uh, to live on now. I cut down on, for instance, I cut down on my, um, channels I cut down because I have to shut the few channels off because I couldn't afford I use, like, a WhatsApp

Now, I don't use the house phone anymore. I cut down on electricity. Um, for instance, I cut down ironing, Um, more like switch the lights that I don't need in the house

And earlier on, you were telling me about the impact of cost of living has had on your extended family life. I understand you have parents that live in the other city, and you have other, uh, your husbands, relatives and family members also live in other cities. So what has changed before? Cost of living crisis

And now it's changed a lot. Now, before we used to go to visit my family and my husband's family every four night. But since this, uh, expensive started, I've cut down

We go every three months now to save up because the fuel has gone so high. Then I get contact with the with the WhatsApp. We checked on phone, but But every three months we visit now because due to the fuel I see

So what if you were to give if you were to have give people some ideas on how to get through this crisis, What would you be? The three key messages you would give sacrifice with the things that you don't need? Um ch, uh, help each other in the house, Uh, help others. And early on, when I was speaking to you, you mentioned you're part of a coffee morning ladies group and you're seeing that some ladies are single mothers or single, Uh uh, Or their husbands are not working, and they are in extreme poverty. So what does your coffee morning group do? Because you mentioned it on sharing

So what happens? How do you share? Before we used to share, we like I used to say to each person to bring one dish in. But since this, um, expensive, Ari, we have just come to coffee and biscuits now, And, uh, I provide that for the ladies now because they are struggling, and then we just stick with coffee and biscuits now, and, uh, you mentioned earlier about sharing things. So do do you also give things to each other things? It's like when we do when we do coffee

Morning. Or like when we do one dish party. And, um then, uh, we give things to each other, and then, like when we have leftovers, we just pass it on

Can you give this to your neighbours, or can you give this to your family? But that's how we help each other. I see. And early on, you mentioned to me you had a lady who moved to a new council home and shared nothing because of domestic violence

And the ladies in the group. You all kind of shared items that you had that you didn't need. So what kind of items did you give her? Well, we give them, we give them, like pillows, bed sheets, duets even we, uh, provide the food for them

Like what was really well. They really need food. But main thing that we just get to provide them with the items, dishes, blankets, duets and what's one message you would give to the government to resolve this problem? Expense

They should cut down because it's too high at the moment and they should cut down expense. Thank you so much for taking time out and sharing your thoughts. It's been a pleasure talking to you

Thank you so much. Thank you very much.


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