As part of the CONTINUE project, young people across Europe talk about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives.

in those times I was a student and all my education went online, and it affected me really badly because I was super depressed. Then, after a while of isolation, it got kind of or being stuck inside. I started to focus on myself more on on the smaller things. Uh, my parents lost their restaurant during the covid pandemic because they had to lock the kid down and they weren't making as much money anymore

We didn't really expect that. It will, like, have such a big influence at our lives. How was your mental health during the coup? Absolutely terrible

It definitely took a downward spiral. I was not happy at all, and it was just really depressing. And that was kind of hard at first because, like, you're not used to interacting with people

So you kind of feel sort of nervous and anxious about, like going to meet my friends, which makes no sense because they're my friends. Um, so that was that was probably the hardest bit for me. I started to have, like, problems with my mental health because of this, because I felt very isolated from other people

This pandemic made, uh, like our life Very uncertain. Having good mental health is not something that should be a privilege. It should be like a basic right had the covid

So, uh, my lungs are a a lot destroyed. I live on the second floor, so I had, like, difficulties to go to the second floor 21 to 22. I was perfect

And the covid came. Uh, I'm 23 there is the case that for half year I have to recover what I gain for, like all my life to to function normally, uh, so easy to meet in the middle of class without anyone noticing just by one click of a button, I skipped almost a whole year, I think just like any of the teachers follow up on you or call you to tell you to go to class. Yes

Well, yeah, quite a lot, actually. But I never answered any of the calls or messages. Also, like working

I am, As I said, I am lucky. My job, um, is a job that I can do home office, but, um, I like peer to peer interaction, and I can't focus that good enough when I am doing online meetings and everything. So it was a bit hard for me, challenging for me the day which I went to university to be, uh, offline, To be in person, to see the people and to see the committee, which I will be presenting myself and defending my, uh, thesis

Uh, it was like, amazing day, because for the first time in one year, I meet nine people from my, uh, from my university, and I was so happy that I'm on the university lock down Year 11. And so initially I was really worried because I spent so much time on for my career focused on my career, which was really good impact on my life. I did that is moving out of my house in my own the last one

And I just like, even to their own place and my friends for, uh, activity inspired and gets me extroverts, Uh, and becoming vulnerable both to the plague. Like covid. Also, you're becoming vulnerable to the bad toads

I was like woke up at the morning and sit in front of my computer from the morning to the evening, even in the night. And because of that, I have the glasses.

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