A Community Reporter speaks about their experience of lockdown during the covid pandemic and how they kept themselves entertained, as part of the oral histories project.

Let's have a go at this thing. Um, in the last few years, which what do you think has been the biggest help in your recovery? Um, Mark, Collectively, I've got a bit as an ad cabin fever in the flat. In the first three weeks, I actually didn't go out because that was what you were supposed to do. Basically, falls flat was well stocked food

Didn't even the medications stayed in three weeks. So we went out in three weeks. And so and I'm going to live back up two years on

So? So the main effect is getting cabin fever from being in a lot more often. But then we've got to watch a lot more television, which was what a group doing. So I'm watching all sorts of television problems because before the pandemic are watts was spot and only fools and answers

So even I've got cabin fever in the flat being in all the time. I'm thinking one of the lucky ones. Yeah

Did you What programmes do you go on to watch? I watch too much real life crime because things you know, your neighbour upstairs there more than six months now he's upstairs, I could see his foot down my kitchen window and I looked at my kitchen windows. Football was what I loved them in the evening after that. It was about a few weeks ago, so I thought so

Because what's all the scary stuff? I thought I was stumbling onto a crime scene. Uh oh, my neighbour got not always a trustee name and said, Can you meet me in the yard? I'll think about it. Don't mean nothing

Let's check it out. Came out when he came to me when I saw him out the window. But he just left us from now on because it was a wild night

And so it wasn't so. You just want still scary stuff. You can still watch that stuff

But Joe that those problems, it's because, after all, focusing some quite often there's certain things that can pick up details of interest back and pick up. Almost as long as I'm not doing anything. Pick up every detail, so it's an interesting what is that

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