The storyteller discusses how approaches and discussions around mental health have changed over time as part of the Oral Histories Project

Hello. Um, so I'm just wondering, why do you think that, um, talking about mental health and discussions around has become so valuable? Um, it took it down a strange though, but it only fools and horses. The comedy. It's fast Army lines on welfare and the times and only fools and horses

And two of them figure offensive right, And the other two areas like, But when I brought up, some people know so they said, But we didn't know that back then. We didn't know that offensive like things. Because whenever you see, like from the 19 seventies comedies, it's just, uh, language and things

Basically, from that time language, it gives you a warning. Like you have parental guns. He's the one about it

Wasn't understood then because, uh uh, we haven't progressed with, uh and you can be like, open mouth. You can be shocked by, Even if somebody does not say they're starting. Are you would have expected that amendment up

I think we've got a lot to travel a long distance. I think we've got a lot better than what it was like. So, yeah, I'm very open about our problems

I talk to strangers and diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia. But you should be careful or you tell and, uh and that works for everybody. Some of some people don't even have the same

Somebody wasn't meant to ask the question. Twice say they are lax because the first time, the light basically, uh, some people don't talk about that. Malcolm was saying she's talked about it

They don't work for everybody because minorities. And, uh, I think I've got progress. We've got further

We met while I was in a lot better than it used to be. So yeah, do you feel that people, um, feel safer to talk about the mental health? Um, and the the stigmas reducing? Do you still think there's a long way to go with that, or do you think it's a lot better than it was? I think definitely a lot. It's much more than a mile Where you, um uh, for instance, manual

Sometimes people, mental health problems, the problems there except to go away. Sometimes people close to us because there were problems. It's a problem can be solved, not met, welcomes all the problems I was there

So it's not an easy, easy answers do you think it's, you know, talking about it and becoming more aware of mental health help people who maybe do experience difficulty to the mental health them to feel less alone in it and that there's other people that they, they can, you know, have the empathy for them? Um, yeah. Do you think that's something that's happening? Important thing? Like, uh, the question again. Sorry, There's a lot of questions at once

Really? I guess. I'm just saying, Do you think that now that people are talking more about mental health? And there's more awareness that people who experience maybe some difficulties with the mental health feel less alone and their experiences this week? Last week last week. All this week is Mental Health Awareness Week

I was, in fact, by text, local church. So there will be contacting you. Tell somebody somewhere mid surgery

I was, in fact, that my friend back from Wakefield Uh, so I went and I was going to go along like this, uh, even though a busy life long this goes in different different ways because it was like, for instance, a member of Boyzone said was saying, uh and all these people around me when he would have been a barb and pop star everywhere, all the people around him. But he felt lonely all the time. So yeah, it's people

Maybe people's perception of loneliness can be lonely and not a busy life. I barely any female companions in my life so and that's what I'm missing in my life. So So I felt like going along to this ST John's church just because, you know, it's something I just just going along just because even though, like I've got a busy life, these picks are in the low level early, it's just, uh huh And we're going to go along with, you know, something like that sort of thing

But it can't be going there with the last being there for finding some of this brilliant Alright, thank you very much for your answers..

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