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Interview with a key member of the Tile Hill Community Partnership

Hi, Max. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed today. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about what you do in the area? Uh, I'm presently, uh, church warden and chairperson of the parish Council of our Ladies Assumption Church. I also sit on community partnership, representative, uh, of North residents

What do Tile Hill community partnership actually do? We're trying to get and make things better for people in little North, uh, and and bring the people together and and and get more things working. What? What the residents need and want in. So what have you found out? That the ne the residents want and need most Most things are a youth club which is properly run

They've tried one or two youth clubs before, and they've not been successful because they've not been properly run and funded. Uh, we're trying to fund one that it is long term that can keep going. Is this the first time you've done a voluntary position, or have you done previously in No, I used to be, uh, I used to be in charge of the British Legion in ipso branch, Uh, for about 10 years in my earlier days

So this isn't the first time you've volunteered. So you've been all your life. You've been a volunteer

Do you think any of the initiatives you've done you've started in the area have worked? I think so. I mean, we did a party in the park, which worked very well, even though we had bad weather on the day. But it worked

So what was what? Tell us a bit about the party in the park. Uh, we gave everyone that turned up for free lunch, and we had 500 people turned up and it and it was even raining on the day. So it was a great success

That's brilliant. Well, thank you. Anyway, for all your help, Ma

And, um, thank you. And we'll speak to you again. Hopefully soon

Bye bye..

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