Story teller talks about community events that they have been part of in the area of Tile Hill. 

Hello. Nash? Yes, I'm Florence, And I'm just wanting to find out from you. You've lived in this community for a long time, and you do a lot of community projects. Uh, what has been your experience? Oh, yes

So I've been involved in lots of different, um, community projects. Um, kind of from all all all different types, Like big events, smaller ones, uh, church ones. Um, so And this one that we're doing now on community reporting

Um, so, yeah, experience has been really good. Really enjoyed it. Um, a lot of hard work, but it's so nice to see on the day

Um, when we do an event in particular, everybody getting together. So it's Children. Um, you know, old, older generation, you know, everyone and and just getting to know people, you know, like walking across the street, knowing different people from from things that we've, um we've done before

So, yeah, just really, really enjoy getting involved in the community and and doing, um, kind of something different every time. So, yeah, it's been really good. That's good

Now this particular project is going to involve talking to people within hill. How do you think that is going to impact the community. Um, I think it's gonna have a really good impact on the community

Um, I'm excited to go out into the community and get, um, you know, different people's perspectives on things. Everybody kind of talks to people but actually finding out in particular what they would like from from Hill in particular, for example, like myself of a young family, I'll be looking at more things to do with youth clubs and playgrounds and activities for Children in school days. But equally, I'm interested in finding out what people would like, you know, from the older generation or people that are less mobile if they're not able to get out

What, what is there in the area for them? And so I'm really excited to get out, start talking to people and finding out what they in particular would like to see in their local community. That's very interesting. And, uh, it looks like you're cutting across the whole spectrum of people

Have you had any challenges in the past in your interaction with people on community projects? I think the only challenge we've ever come across is trying to get the volunteer and help. It's difficult to commit people to give up their free time if they have any free time. As everybody leaves very busy lives or have child care and work commitments, it's always hard to get people involved

So again, when we go out to do the community reporting, it would be good as one of the questions. What can we do to get more people involved? Is it holding meetings at different times, doing meetings over Zoom? So if they can't get to a location that we're meeting, we can, um, still involve them in the projects. But from their home, Um, and then obviously just picking a date in advance

It gives a lot of people time to to plan and be available. Be available. Sorry to help on the day

So it's the only challenge I think we've ever come across. Is trying to get the workforce help to actually make these events actually happen on the day. Oh, that's great

That's great. Um, what do you think about, um, involving families? Yes, like absolutely, it's, um it's the reason a lot of these projects happen is because they're all family orientated, family fun days out things that get the kids out the house and get them involved in in doing activities and things that maybe they've never experienced before or they've not been able to access um, before. So that is definitely on the forefront of when we arrange things

It's what will kind of make it fun for the Children on the day and also for the adults. That's what you're looking for is to take the Children to a family fun day out something they've not done before. Um, so we'll be really interested in speaking to people with families, younger Children, older teenagers, you know, the year groups that sometimes get left out as they get older

It's all about entertaining the little Children. So it will be good to get some, um, feedback and things of people and maybe get them involved as they get older. It might be we get a a workforce of like younger people to come and, you know, help from youth clubs or do something so we can find out what actually people want at that age group

Interesting. It looks like we are headed for a beautiful time ahead. Thank you very much

Thank you so much. Thanks.


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