The storyteller discusses the need for community activities in Tile Hill, how this would benefit the area, and how we can make them accessible for more groups of people.

Yeah, right. Hi, Florence. Um, I just wanted to ask you, um, about the area you live in. And if you could improve any part of the area, what would it be? I came to the area at a time when it really looked good

The environment was good, but over the years, things have just gone down. So if I were to improve something, really, I would make sure that, uh, it goes back to what it was before. Um, it was clean

People found time for each other. And, um, there was a lot of community activity that seems to happen, which no longer happens. Yes, that's it

Do you think, um, more activities to bring people together would be beneficial for the area for yourself, for family, Children, things like that. Bringing everybody from all walks of life together. Really? So because, um, quite often you see people doing little gardening there

And so if such activities could be brought on a wider scale, Yes. Yeah, And people do that together. I think that would really help

Also find there are in the area I live. There are people who do not go anywhere at home. I stay at home most of the time

So activities where they can come together, have an afternoon tea or go out together as a group, go to the community centre and probably watch a few. Yes, what would you think would be the best way to kind of? Because there's a lot going on there. There are things, activities that go on

But how would you think would be the best way to get across to people? Things are happening in the area. So, for example, down here, like there's a lunch club on a Thursday or a craft club, there's other community centres that do things. Is it that people don't know that they're going on? So, for example, like you could use Facebook or leaflets

What? How do you think we could get the information across to people in the community? Yeah, I. I think a lot of it also depends on where people spend their time. Yes, and what times they are free to engage in other activities because I often find I mean, in my own example things are happening during the week and I'm at work

Yeah, but it doesn't mean that I want I don't want to be involved in the community activities. I do. But the times that the activities that are happening are not, I mean, agreeing with the times that I need to do other things

So I'm also thinking of other people in the community who may be in the same situation. Yes, and also looking at different times or doing different activities so that everybody comes on board. That's it

So, like, evenings, weekdays, weekends. So it it would sue everybody in a different, different kind of walks of life sort of thing. Oh, no, that's great

Thank you for that. Then. That's really, really interesting

I appreciate your time. Thank you. Thank you


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