Chris talks about where he lives

Okay, This meeting is being recorded, so yeah. Hi, Chris. Just want to tell me a bit about what it's like, where you live. Yes, I live in the lead service

Um, it's nice when it's cooler weather. Uh huh. It's best to just like a small little village

Mhm. Mhm. So, do you live? Do you live on your own or other older people? I live with seven of the residents

So six. Yeah, and so is it, Is it? You have your own bedroom, and then there's shared kitchen and living space and stuff. Yeah, and so what? What's it like? What? What do you like about where you live? That you can just basically do anything that you want within reason you can spend time out in garden

Or you can go out for that long day trips and have time to yourself that you need. Mm. So do you go off and do that stuff on your own? Or do you need some support? Just Sometimes I will do that on their own

Or sometimes I'll have support. Mm. But you've got that option if you need the support

Yeah. Yeah. And is there anything that you don't you don't like or enjoy about where you live

Just the behaviour of his book. Mhm. You get that everywhere? Mm

So is that some of the other people that live in the same probably like at the moment I can carefully here that there's two behaviours I'm going, right? Yeah, and that's hard. Is it to Because you put it is Yeah, it's quite hard to live with when it's like nearly 24 7 a day. Um, so I just take time out and garden and enjoy the sun and stuff

How does it make you feel? And that's going on frustrated knowing that you can't intervene to help them? Mhm. Well, even though you can't intervene, it's probably for the best thing. So you're not Put yourself in danger

Mm, yeah, yeah, and that's interesting, actually, what you say there about not not being able to intervene or probably not been a good idea. But actually, do you think there are things that you could do that might support or help other people who were there? If it was me, I would try and, like, talk to them before escalates. Mhm, right? There's there's one last

That's basically was saying that she wants to send laptop is me. So it's difficult, because when somebody has something, she will want the same. Mm

Yeah. And and that's that. Yeah

That is hard, isn't it? Because that's like, that's like, we all have those kinds of things that we yeah, that we need to deal with. Um, so do you feel that it's, uh, where you live in the support you get is helpful for you. Yeah, it's helped me out

Massive list since I've moved here. Um, I'm sure that Jackson is aware of. Well, I've been through

And what? From what I've been through two now he had cuts, has massively helped me. What do you think it is that's made the biggest difference for you. Just like better support

Um, that trust is that of where I can trust them, and they can trust me. Um, and black the ground rose. And don't be able to tell me straight which I prefer Mhm

So clear, clear rules being people being honest and up from with you. And do you have Do you have some say in what those rules are or how how things work for you where you live. I do every now and again

Um So, like my owner, Scott leave is currently just been up to seven times a week now. Um So I had to say in that, because if I didn't feel comfortable, I would say Just leave a four times a week, But with me being comfortable with it, I said just to operate to seven. So that's that's a phrase I've not heard before

Unescorted leave. What does that mean? So basically, when you're on a adults, you're not able to go out by yourself. You've always got to be with staff

Now, honestly, I leave is basically being able to go out on your own on the Scarlet. So not being able to have that staff member there. So you've got some time to yourself now, I think, and all services, they should try it

Mhm, obviously, with people outside, less vulnerable and stuff are, uh, I think it really should be tried to see of how they would do. But it's also like pushing them boundaries for me as well, to prove to them that I can be more independent out in the community. What's your What's your dream, Chris? What? My dream for me is to become a support worker and to be living in the community independently

Yeah. So moving out and having your own place? Yeah. Support work, I think

Also did I Did I notice somewhere as well that you were interested in doing the training? Yeah. What difference has that made to you being involved in the training? Um, it's made quite a big difference, Really? Right. Being able to meet like new people meet like the new trainers and stuff like that

Getting involved with it. Uh huh. Been able to gain some qualifications from it as well

And all this is just basically proving to myself and others that I can't do things without having to have stuff there. Did you think? Was there a point where you thought that might not be possible? A couple of years ago? Yeah. Mhm

I thought that I would never be having, um, honest got leave or anything like that that I won't be able to go to college or be able to do any form of training or anything like that. But now all that has changed. Mhm

Mm. Now It's really good to hear. Is there anything else you would like to and say before I stop? No, thank you, I'm sure


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