Hey dontcha just love it when you write first and then the opportunity comes knocking? I've been writing this travel blog thang for a couple of months now. Never thought much about it. But I've just caught news that Manchester Literature Festival has put up a site which is www.rainycitystories.com and they are looking for people to submit very short stories from all over Greater Manchester
These stories can then be popped onto their site (which is in the form of a map ). So I am going to adapt my Travel Asda Car Park, Longsight blog piece - first posted up here - into a very short story and see if it gets taken up. I'll also ask members of the fiction group that runs at c-word to shake something up and we should be able to submity 5 or 6 stories between us.
So anyone want a blog challenge: 500 word story, set in a clearly Manchester (wide sense) location. Post it up here, get some feedback, then submit it to the rainycity site!
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