This was the first time he had invited me to his home and it was like a piece of another dream. As I walked up to the door, nervously anticipating what lay behind the huge oak door. It was almost as if you could imagine that instead of being a semi detached townhouse, it was actually a [art of a palatial mansion. He evidently liked the good things in life.
In the ‘Green Room’ as I designated it, walls hued a dark green with imprints that stood out in a darker shade giving the room a warmth and character. The olive leather settee and loveseat with oaken feet that matched the regal coffee table. Studio lights were dotted on the cream coloured ceiling giving it a celestial feel. The piece de resistance had to be the black marble fireplace with the realest looking fire that I had ever seen, finished with a rug that appeared as if a bear had given rights through its last will and testament, although he assured me that was not the case. I am not sure whether I was falling in love with the room or the man.
I glanced at the television and hifi equipment as Anita Baker’s voice caressed me from speakers around the room that I could hear but not see. I took a sip of the Cognac and as it roamed throughout my system, warming and relaxing me, I leaned back in the chair and kicked my shoes off.
In my head I could hear and feel the drumbeat from a distance, the pounding in my head grew louder and threatening to explode, as huge fat salty tears barged past my eyelashes and covered my face. The pain that I felt was threatening to erupt like an alien in a science fiction movie. I have experienced sadness in the past but I felt that nothing I had experience could match the way I feel today.
They say that when your heart breaks you literally feel it like in a cartoon as one part tears in a zigzag and a thick gloop of blood begins to slowly drip down the side affecting everything that it touches, causing a searing ache. You could almost imagine it dripping, the varying scarlet shades creating a pattern. My sadness was not just for myself but for Aeon and the child we had just lost.
One minute I was wide awake and experiencing pain that I believed could take me to the verge of losing my mind, the next thing I felt myself being carried as if I were a weightless child. In between I remember your fingers stroking my neck, soft gentle strokes as though I was a precious, soft vase yielding to your touch. Your strokes made me feel as if my neck had simply disappeared.
As your hands moved to my shoulders, I exhaled every experience in my past life, causing a moan to pass through my lips. It sounded to me like a cat purring but as I felt I was no longer in my body I let it pass. I felt as if I was floating above myself watching the experience unfold before me.
My arms were next to receive your loving touch. Each finger a separate entity to the rest of my body. My back and legs divorcing themselves from the rest of me, but it was when you touched my thighs that I felt heaven come to claim me. Gently manoeuvring your hands and fingers so that I longed for a touch that I thought I did not want, nerve endings on fire, building a need in me that was unquenchable, then allowing your fingers to peruse my skin at your leisure, causing me the greatest pleasure I had ever experienced.
It was the raindrops spitting at the windows that caused me to wake.

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