• Refugee voice

Story of an Afghan refugee who came to Uk.

Interview has been made in Farsi and translated at the same time 

Hello Today. Monday, 24th of October. Uh, I'm here to interviewing one of, um, Afghan refugees that came through Syria by UNHCR to United Kingdom as a refugee, and he accepted to have an interview for home project. I am thanking him for giving us his time

So this interview with will be in Farsi, and I will I will do the translation and interpreting inside the interview. And I will, um, do it in Farsi, and then I will post, and I will do it. And I will do the interpreting inside this interview to make it easier for for you guys

And let's let's do it. Salam alaikum, uh, says is I think, uh, zero abandoned neighbourhood amassed a home project. Um, Mr

Hussein must, um I guess Salome has the farm, right? Madden Azarenka's Nigerian studio, Syria comment as New Zealand ahead. It has more Saturday and was very much so. So here I am on behalf of Home Project to have interviewed video and to saying Hi

I'm saying thank you to you to giving your time to us. Um and he said thank you for, um, giving your time to to me, uh, to us the refugees that came from Syria by UNHCR. And basically, it's about appreciating, um, the attention of, um this interview to for them

Okay, so first question is about as you are, um, as we are a friend, and we know each other. Um, since we were in Syria. So I know that when you come, it was about before before Corona situation, and I just want to know that how, um how did you feel about the service of fortune housing that when they gave you the service and about the support workers hope as when they came up to him Rafi director

Faggoty for that dream. Uh uh uh. And I was like, Corona, uh uh, Schumer Hotel housing in a war

Uh, automatic support worker. Between that and people would be for me. Well, look at the almighty marking germanium at what is evil

Tonio shouldn't by the Duma Corona my to do more. You can establish more often Madrassa, Duma, Corona, Hiroshima That. But they are very supermarket Roma

Uh, do mama and stuff like that. But some telephone e with a uh huh Imtiaz support we can give him nothing is going to get him. But when I tell you another story hello Position has has has about He said that, uh, when? When he arrived

After two months, Uh, Corona situation has has been started, and then he couldn't go to couldn't do any activities. Like go to, um, school because it was closed. And then about a support worker he couldn't, um, use, uh, from from from their service only for two months

And after that, it was by phone. And then, um, nothing. He couldn't get the good service or the service that he was expecting

And he had He has a housing problems and health problem. Yes, you're right. I really understand your situation

Because I know you. Your your English is poor. And, uh, English is not your first language

And the lack of support worker would affect your life? Definitely. Um So another question is what do you What do you expect from your support worker? Or what did you expect when you had it? Uh huh. And dark collection forces about English is about a gelatinous before she's a moderate to never

In addition, autonomous calabar Osama, um, that nobody support worker vodka. And this indication Hartman um, Sakakibara card. Hello? Everybody in Jessica

My son and Truman has done support Worker. You got my son home Support worker Edelstein. Position dashed

Well, as a worker, who is the other salon? But marijuana, whatever you get, I kept my doctor about another thing. Bradish doctorate and on cooperation Doctor at the bottom of it. Can I get a plan for that newborn do bar videos? Zain Mohammed, Of course

Master African, But like myself, of course that, of course, interpreting myself bad. Who gets discarded? The established Mohammed and pay their, uh, team who was not a good look. He has inspired our well

Okay, um, I had a lot of expect expectation of, uh, my, um, support worker, for example, to apply for me, uh, family doctor, Um, and another thing, like apply for me dental, family, dental or something like that for, um, for example, twice. Um, uh, he's saying that he had, um good. Too thick

And then he called 111. And, um um, there was a translator, and the translator got him to as he was translating for him. And they just, um, advised him to take antibiotics and painkillers and um, but the infection was really big

Like, as he was saying, the size of an egg. And then when? When he saw there is no, um, no support or no service. He cut it with himself with a knife, the infection

And and that's it. And when the second time he tried to call 111, there was no, um, interpreter available. Um, this is what he was saying

Okay, brother, um, is there any any other problem about mental thing that you want to share your cheesy there more than more than done it? The game has, uh, bad. You don't like? My mama said? I have no idea. Yeah, she got him

Care for one another? Uh huh. Okay, Hammed and, uh, Charter Doctorow, Hammad and under the door. And the last time, a bigger and to they're gonna know

Charlie. I'm not enjoying this. Okay, well, he was saying that they are seven in the house

And, um uh uh, So he has a little little baby that he doesn't have a teeth. Um, so there is six of them that they have a tooth tooth. Problems like, um for is for data

His wife and himself so but the difference is he can tolerate the pain. But, uh, his family and his daughter, his daughters couldn't do, um, tolerate this pain. Like, cut the infection with the knife and et cetera

Okay, well, next question, um, how do you feel? Um, settled in your house. Solid body. Indicate your assessment clinic

Arconic. Ellen has the But then I just got much outside, so I want a job. Carter, ask our economy

Chile is border. Anyone we start working on the Nigeria ballad is simply better. No

Castle commissioners. And then I'll come back when as they lost, but they could have them Cancer makes Gabriella saw it. So I got to say, I don't come

Mob Virginia machine Monday, Bahamian music film. And then they're going to be even if, Well, the contract of this house will end about, uh, 45 days and the landlord told us to leave the house. And the problem is, I don't know what to do

I don't know where to go ask for help from From whom? Um um he was saying that he went to council, uh, to find a council house. They just told him to go to the website and as a English barrier, and he doesn't know about how to use it. He's just stuck in, uh, confused and don't know what to do

Okay, well, next question I remember once you told me about you have a, um, problems with benefits and child benefits that you feel that it is unfair to you. Would you like to talk about it As Jake? Adam, you think muscular to, uh, benefited. Muscular child benefit, Um, starting to move again

Psychological. Have never asked him, punished each other and makes apologies. Just also there

My memory charter, the charter, I think I got a shot. Benefited from the introduction evidence around, uh, well benefit Marcellin Shelley to the fishery and the director. So they had no position, you know, artificial him

Uh, I like John Mahama should work and work. And because it was documented, uh, no taboos. Get them up on him

The commission, one commission. Well, he's saying that his family remember there are seven, and, uh, he has five kids from his five kids. One of them is, uh, plus 18 and the other four, uh, under under age

Then from this uh, these four, Um, only +22 of them receive child benefit and the three of them without, without benefit. So this is one of the reasons that makes the life really hard for them. Like the cost of life, food, clothes, et cetera

Um, and sometimes the days come that even they don't have a, um bus, bus tickets, costs. And, uh, as you know, nowadays, every prices is gone. Gone has been gone higher, Um, and higher

So it is really, really hard. And he's just asking if there is a way to to help them. And okay, can I ask a question about you? Um, you said that three of them doesn't three of your kids

It doesn't. Doesn't receive benefits. Um, What do you mean by that? Like the the bigger one doesn't receive any benefits or something

Would you like to tell? Tell us about it. Uh oh, my God. Think a set of fires and Anita any set as far as the mountain benefit? Darius Nemacolin? Um, on occasion, uh, benefit

Uh, you started terms in, uh uh uh uh. College. But after the charges, after after quality collision rushed to the subsidy after submarines wanna have Madonna would call Remain indoors

Mahaneh. They got injury Monday game. Mushkin notice for a one was, er whatever

So he's saying he's, uh, um older, all the daughter. She's 19 and she's on full time education and her. Her college is so far she goes, like, 334 times a week

She wakes up from seven AM until six p.m. She's she's back home

And then, um, she can't just work. And, um, that's it. And they are in really hard situation

Um, okay. Thank you for your time. Any last words? The man known as Raton Calamari, diet to shake or as party show

Everton Kimora Kabul. Carol in Georgia the scandal One of the marijuana or very cavalier or already salama category. I want to know about the rest

Um, thank you so much from royal family, um, government and U K citizens and people, Um those who help help us to come to UK and settle here, and we have a safe property to live Home Project Volunteer reporter Mustafa Hussaini, Flatfoot United Kingdom.

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