Asking for help is something I find very difficult, and I know it is really necessary for my well-being.

Because of 17 years of domestic violence, racism at school, and mentalism, the bigotry against the 'partly' or so-called mad-folk, who can be just as individual as others. We are all valuable individuals who need help at times.

By definition we suffer as human beings, and we can learn to be happier much happier

we all know that it can not only be terribly difficult to help ourselves by asking for help. But also even terrifying, at times. You see, when you've been beaten for years called 'Paki' etc. go home trust is a hard thing to allow. It is hard to pick up the phone, even when you choose the mostly trustworthy people and friends, or kind strangers.

However the good news is it gets better, by fits and starts and uneven journeying, over the years. And many people do say how much I've changed. They usually say you changed so much.'' if I prompt them further with questions they say you're much happier, lighter even more playful than you were before, fitter'' etc. So the good news is that just like exercising a muscle practice reduces the fears anxieties resistances to asking for help.

A problem shared is a problem halved; and I'm sure many of us could for our own benefit, no ones else's, practice sharing our problems in hard times. Likewise we can mutually coach each other in sharing problems and processing them, with love understanding and inspiration.

That's why we ask for help isn't it?

And somewhere deep down inside we know we are OK, that others are OK, although we may well have to steer clear of bitches bastard robbers rapists, thieves and a host of other people who become as bad as their practising harm or evil even. You see human character or personality is not set in stone what the mind dwells on it becomes, another solar rule of karma is how we behave what we do becomes us. We create our own lives with our actions, thoughts and good or bad thoughts about others.

If we understand this, then

There really is no permanent depression, despair or anxiety hearing voices, eating disorders or any other forms of distress.

So if you have been told you are of a certain mental health diagnoses for life, or incorrigible or incurable – well, it is total NONSENSE.

Terry Simpson is a great activist in many health positive circles

he said to me years ago when I was low ''Create a massive support network.

Last January when I was low, but my lows have got further and farther apart, he said ''Don't let anxiety run away with you, its an unrealistic fear Milan''(, I'm paraphrasing him). He said also ''Be like a peasant '' my paraphrase when it all goes upsides down and you're down pick yourself up dust yourself down and start all over again.

And I know many friends coach each other out of the blues and horrible anxieties even out of hearing voices, and paranoid and aggressive alienated bits of ourselves that are voices.

I can vividly remember about 12 years ago, when I realised it was better to ring 1 friend a day rather than not. Or I would be down and have horrible anxiety for the rest of my life. it was a moment of presence-truth. Whatever mood I was in high, low, neutral, numb, dissatisfied or satisfied. Tiny Lawson was one of the friends I rang and terry. I soon realised and felt like a fool for the depressed past, because no one refused help. People thought of me as a really nice man, more or less unanimously. They even expressed admiration for my humour my vulnerability and hearts openness, speaking my mind and body e.g. warming up floors spontaneity. I was SHOCKED in a nice way. It made me feel lighter, a bit more unburdened more playful and joyful serious-er too at times, but in a contemplative way which allowed deeper insights. My mental knots were untangling. My life transformed. Later on I became a Buddhist.

So yes we sometimes ask for help without words we just turn up at art groups (see my blogs re Buddhism, Chat N Create and Inkwell interview with ark ruse and the recently posted poem call A Pint of Inkwell.

Others sources of help


mental health websites min.org

Please post your self help groups, fave counsellors, business cards only or NHS giving their consented info, please share about anything that has helped you ask for help

that's what leedwellbeingweb is for - USE US!

Milan Buddha Ghosh

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