Homelessness is an international issue. There is no difference in races and age, education and origin of homeless people. Not only the developing countries have people without shelter, homelessness can be found worldwide. It is a form of poverty that blurs the boundaries between countries. This is also not the case of individuals immigrating from poor to rich countries, local homeless people are in number in the UK as well. Mark is one of them, he is living on the streets of Manchester.

My name is Mark. Given my first name only, that’s it. Do I have a family? That all has gone, no much...they all are everywhere. I’m from Middlesbrough. I’ve been staying in Manchester since July 2014. I don’t like these big blocks, big roads, and big shopping centres. But I like people here, quite like them. They are all different. Apparently, I do like both adults and kids. Yes, I like kids, but I’m not used to them.

My dad was from Romania. He died 7 years ago. My mother is from England, she is still alive. I’ve got one brother and one sister. I also have one nephew. There are all elsewhere. I saw my mother in July and I might see her again soon. I might try to see my mother, I might do...It’s quite long from here, Cork. It’s where she is. I might go there, but I don’t know where I’ll be. It depends on what happen between now and then. I’m one fish in the ocean. I’d rather be with other people, especially at Christmas. I’d rather be with somebody a bit like me, somebody who lives like me - people I’ve met here, people like me. I meet homeless people here. I’m homeless now because I’m here. I’ve got a flatbed there in Middlesbrough, but I’m here. But it makes my life more fun, more interesting. I know just a few people, and I go a couple of places here. I went to the church this morning, had free coffee and biscuits. There are a lot of places to sleep here, I just pick and choose where. There are a lot of homeless people here, there are a lot of women outside as well. I’ve noticed, all of the centre. There are no dangers here, I haven’t got any problem yet really.

I like Manchester. I’ve had a lot of good times here and few hard times....ok, not hard times. I’m living outside now, i’m sleeping outside. I did it last night and two more nights this week. Nothing really too big to change here. This is how it is.

How can I describe myself: I’m a nice person with a few problems. That is the truth. What else...(with tears in his eyes).

I don’t have special people in my life. I don’t have a love, but that’s what I really want. If I’m lucky enough, it’s my wish for Christmas.

I used to work in the past, but I don’t want to talk about what I did. I don’t like it anymore. It’s all history, it all has gone. I don’t want to think about it.

 If I have a chance to change something in my life, so I can’t tell this. I really don’t know. I don’t want a lot of money, I don’t need a lot of money. I don’t even buy anything. Nothing really I want, because I don’t want material things except those flats. Money is not important for me.

I don’t have a hero or idol. Not now, I used to like Sylvester Stallone, and I think I still like him. I think I like his forms. And I love Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, I don’t like modern art, only past...Italian, Venetian!

I haven’t read anything lately, I haven’t gone to the Internet lately. I’m out of all at this time. I haven’t got any interest lately, and I know this is not good. Every day I’m just trying to feel all right, however it’s not easy. Being alone makes my life difficult, it’s a sad work.

 If I can choose between money and knowledge - I like to know things, I like to understand things and figure them out (scratching his head). I don’t really like a lot of money, they wouldn’t make me happy. Houses, cars...no.

The worst habit I have - it’s coffee. My best habit is to walk a lot. My greatest pleasure....want me to tell the truth...good sex. I used to like to drink, but I don’t do it anymore. When I get lucky I have sex, which is not enough.

The last time I cried was because of a woman, just a few weeks or a month ago. My life would be better if I had somebody. However, it could be hard as well because I like freedom.

It’s a long time since I have a good advice from anybody. I don’t get any advice from anybody direct to myself.

I’m not sure that I have had the happiest moment in my life. There were a lot of happy times but I don’t know which was the best. I don’t know. I don’t get happy every day, I’m not really happy now. I’m a bit lonely.

What about my biggest fear: there is nothing I’m really afraid of day by day. Nothing makes me nervous too. I just need to feel better. This is not about my health, it is good.

The dreams that I have, they are not for me. They are not for me, because I’m all right. They are for the better world. Human world, it needs to change, it’s gone in a wrong direction. It is all controlled and driven by money, and that’s the problem. Actually, the world is perfect already, but without us.

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