More alive this place now.I know I don't have to write a blog everyday. And when I don't blog I don't write apart from that. Mainly the writing now as I've said is tytping up into proper order one's backcatalogue! Priority. Write up 3 or 4 today
Pete Kalu siad 'blog us a poem' few days ago, I said No ungraciously. Came near to putting something on here poem-style. I've not the time to have crafted something properly so I thought, it was to be lines thrown on here - which given loads loads of time could be fashioned...
Amused I was by day's events; some man and S&M! Another chap lost a bike near Tesco's, caught in a street travelling wrongly mistaking which way round one way arrow pointing as he's mistaken a green light red light for green one, caught by Daily Papers. He apologised God knows who to they'd filmed him
(Missed blogging, poem later? write up my stuff properly; look up ji, gigs in bit over a week,?, rush of work... See you very soon)
Pete: don't be worrying about Slander Writs. If it's an issue my stuff can be moderated. 'Twill be fine! thx

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