Donna talks about her experience of good care and support that enables her to live the life she wants to and do the things that are important to her as independently as possible. She also talks about her frustrations around the carers allowance and cap and how much her Step Dad does to support her.

Hi, I'm Donna. And I don't know how why you and Elena have been treated so badly because, um, I say that because I've got a lot of friends that do have P A s and they live with their family and they get taken out to groups, so it may be your area that you're treated so badly. But for myself, I like to consider myself that I have an open care plan because I have family support carers. Um, but it doesn't just mean that my family just care for me and my friends care for me as well, because I've been raised quite independently

I choose to stay here in my family home and go out to friends' houses and stay with them from time to time. What does annoy me is because my dad works and pays bills. He is

I believe he is unable to claim claim carers allowances for me, which does frustrate me because without him and without any of my family members, I wouldn't be here today. Um, also, I had to change my care quite quickly. Uh, last minute dot com because my mum was my designated carer and had been since birth, but she passed away suddenly from cancer about four years ago, thanks to Saint Luke's

I was able to change it quite quickly to my stepfather that wanted me to stay here. He didn't want me to go anywhere. He wanted to take over my care and I was like, Oh, no, where do I go like what's gonna happen to me? Because, like, my mom was stubborn it where I get my stubbornness from It was like, No, we're not doing that yet

We're not doing that yet. We're not doing this yet. So, um, I was like, Oh, what's gonna happen? And Saint Luke's

I can't thank them enough. They really helped us without Saint Luke's. I don't know where I would be because I haven't got the brain capability to sort out that kind of stuff

Hence why my dad does all that kind of stuff for me. He cooks my dinners. He supports me, but he lets me be me as much as I possibly can be

And if he doesn't have the answers to something, I'm lucky enough to be able to turn to a sport. Support a sport support group called Sport for confidence, and I'd be happy to, um, pop their information in the chat box. They've got many, um, groups in areas such as London, wham Forest, Clapton den in Essex and can

So I don't know if that would be any use to someone on the call. We also have pre-covid. We also had access to big health days where people would meet Peabody, um, health Watch and many other communities like that that you may receive help from

That's pretty much me. Thanks, Donna. What was the organisation called sport for confidence

Thank you. Well, it's very positive, isn't it? To hear that donor is getting a lot of help and support. So there is always some positivity in in social care

Well done, donor. I'm so pleased for you, though, honestly. And it it it's so true about carers allowance

Yeah. I mean, your dad had to work on top of that, having to care for you. He deserved a medal too beside he should be entitled for the car

Allow one. I do know they kept it. This centre, a certain amount, that that's a shame about it

I I that I I don't know. I think, Honestly, he he he deserved more. Just I I say that, too

And that's the one thing that really does frustrate me because he works and pays bills. You know, he works to pay bills and care for me. He you know, if I could give it to him, I would

But because he works, I just couldn't. And and no one Well, he's been my dad for 30 years, and I do call him Dad. I know it's confusing, but I've never known my real dad

So he's been there for me since I was 1.5. And the fact he promised me that I didn't have to go anywhere when Mom died

Well done. I'm so pleased for you. And he definitely deserved more

Perhaps they should cut the carrots allowance to don't know. You know where they should. Should I By right

I don't think it should be capped because, you know, I think they should raise the threshold and say I don't know. I think anybody hears the camera deserves it. No matter whether they work, they shouldn't be penalised for working in in my eyes

I agree. Does that Does that mean donna that your dad can't pay for. If he has to pay for support for for him, he has to pay for it himself

Oh, no, Because I get picked and s a So he He's my financial carer and my help cooking. Yeah, he's my appointee. But it really does frustrate me that because he works and my sister works or my brother, they're going to live a life where they're working

And if they earn, like, a high amount, because then they can't claim carers now. And that really does frustrate me. It shouldn't be kept

You're right..

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