I have found it very difficult to get hold of a GP during lockdown. Face to face appointments have been flatly refused. I have been prescribed HRT without any background information or baseline blood pressure measurements being taken. I stopped taking this medication after the GP issued a prescription for a combination pill which had been unobtainable in this country for almost a year. I tried patches but didn’t get along with them so the GP prescribed pills as an alternative. The pharmacist actually laughed when I handed it in as they thought everyone was aware of the situation. 

I was prescribed beta blockers for anxiety again without a face to face appointment. You cannot take these if you use Ventolin. I have a Ventolin inhaler. Prescribed by he same GP. I was told by the pharmacist if I started taking this medication I would have to be weaned off them and they are not suitable for anyone with a resting heart rate of below 50 bpm. My watch monitors my heart rate. It regularly drops below this while I am sleeping. 

I asked for some mental health counselling or something because I was at a low ebb and was feeling suicidal. I was referred. I am still waiting for an appointment six months later as the service provider for Salford only have appointments in the morning Monday to Friday the service is provided for the whole of Salford by a company called 6degrees. I find it shocking that the whole of Salford can only book an half hour appointment between 9am and 11.30 am. I am almost certain I am not the only person for whom these times are inconvenient. 

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