To strengthen your Post-Concert-Depression

It was not my first concert to go, but definitely the one I will always remember as the best. This night wasn't however so brilliant and overwhelming just because of the talented & marvelous band, but also because of the loving, supporting and unique fandom. The 5 Seconds of Summer fans are incredible because of many reasons, but let me tell you two. The moment the supporting act - Don Broco - took the stage everyone was on their feet and not one thought about taking their seat again for the rest of the night. They were jumping, dancing, clapping along with a band some of them never heard of before and so full of enthusiasm you could say they are here for them. Additionally, the fans are caring, honest, loud and quite the dancers. But support for the band is their first priority. Visibly with the different fan projects. You have the world project where you hold up a paper with "I am" during "Jet Black Heart". This project symbolizes that you don't have to hide yourself and you could write anything on this sheet of paper. A girl next to me wrote "I am ME", someone in front of me wrote "I am insecure". Then there is the european project, it composed of a sheet of paper with a star in the countries flag colours and a safety pin holding those two parts of the star together. This star is held up through "Outer Space". Also, theres the german fan project. Something special was planned for the 5 german concerts and the fans created a project in which every city holds up the same sentence but the last word is always different. For example in cologne we hold up the words "We won't leave cause you make us proud" during "Vapor". In Mannheim it was "We won't leave cause you make us strong". These fan project do not only show support for the band but also - and in my opinion much more - a support in the fandom. We are a family and the feeling of unity and togetherness strengthened during those fan projects when every single one in the arena hold up these papers. It was beautiful and breathtaking to see. And beautiful and fascinating to be a part of this moment. Especially during "Outer Space". There are not a lot of songs that contain the magic "Outer Space" has. It is barely describable and takes you places that are so delicate and powerful at the same time, you never want to leave and you can only compare it with the beauty of outer space.
Usually there is this barrier in concerts between the audience and the musicians on stage. Yes, we sing along, yes, we clap and dance, but still there always is this barrier. But not at the 5 Seconds of Summer concert in cologne. They had little chats on stage with each other and talked to the fans. Tried to figure out how to properly pronounce "Köln", whilst Calum and Michael shouted different variations of "Köln" at each other and the fans continued screaming "no". They even styled themselves with some hats coloured with the german flag some fans threw on stage. Drummer Ashton even pointed out the creative and different posters and complimented a few. There was one Australian poster, for example and he thanked them for traveling all the way to see them. Additionally to this, we were the loudest concert yet and set the record at 130,8 decibel. The morning after consequences were felt by many, but it was so worth it. The guys know how to get everyone to dance and sing in sync with them, for example during "End up here" or "What I like about you". During "Castaway" they showed how miraculously they mastered their instruments. But on the other hand they also can create intimate and quieter atmospheres with songs like "Amnesia". For that song everyone took out their phones and the hall was enlightened by the flashlights. Combined with the voice of Bassist Calum a magical atmosphere was created. One of the highlights for me probably was "Jet Black Heart". Not only because of the fan project or the song itself, but for what happened before the song. It started with Michael on stage and it always seemed like this song was his baby. No one dared to even sing it. At the beginning of the song all the did was stand there. He stood there and let the fans scream. And  let them continue screaming and while they screamed the camera kept zooming into his face until it was awkwardly close. And even though we were all there, it was just him on stage and us in the audience, it felt like we were outsiders. It felt like we weren't really part of the moment. Because he kept looking at this one point, his eyes never left this one point. Clearly thoughts were far away. And then he slowly started smiling & biting his lower lip - and we all died - but I would've given everything and would've paid every amount of money to know what he was thinking. But Michael was not the only boy who made the fans freak out that night! Later that night the guys took a little break and Ashton came on stage first again. He let us make some noise and with the help of a rhythmic drum beat we clapped in sync. Also at the end of the concert he jumped of the stage and distributed his drumsticks along the front row which was followed by  screams. It was clear that the guys were really happy during the show and they constantly repeated that this was one of the best shows yet. But I think Luke was the one who didn't want to leave, because after Ashton & Calum already left the stage he sat down at the drums and started showing some awesome skills. Michael joined him and took Calums bass but stopped after a few moments while Luke continued a little bit longer. But then they were gone & PCD started to appear.

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