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Community Reporter in Dudley asks the question "What supports local citizens of Dudley when it comes to Health and Wellbeing.  This persons answer includes a brief discussion about the importance of how to attract people to the support they feel they need with the right materials such as leaflets, websites and the right procedures to ensure the people of Dudley know what is available. 

what supports local citizens? Uh, health and well being in the Dudley area. Good connections to doctors, good access to mental health services. You've got, um, lots of different, uh, providers, groups and activities to, um that you can attend to get support and help with. And there's lots of, um, information on the website that you can access as well

Is the website really important to you in terms of how you access that information? Yes, because it gives you details of what you're looking for. And if that service is right for you and, um gives you an overall view of what the company is and what they provide and what offer Do you think there's anything missing from websites that, uh, you feel that would be accessible, uh, to help you understand what that service does, such as, like videos or, um, images or, um, any kind of description that would best explain what a a mental health organisation is doing to help people. I would say, um, the use of all those would be good because it gives a good overall concept

I think you do need to include people who haven't got access to the Internet and technology because not everybody. So I would say leaflets as well would be good advertised in maybe doctor surgeries or local public places that they can pick up and read as well. Um, where else do you think leaflets could be That people would access them? Because you've mentioned, uh, leaflets being at GPS and doctors surgeries

Is there any other location in the Dudley area that those, uh, leaflets could Could be at, uh, community centres churches, um, libraries. Um, any venue, Um, maybe even the job centres. Is there a preferred place or, um, uh, a reason why you think, uh, those places are beneficial to have those leaflets

Is there anything that the doctors aren't doing? Or the GPS aren't doing in their own, um, venues That makes that different from a church or community centre. Not everybody likes going to doctors, and they're afraid of doctors, or they have anxiety, or they can't get in into a doctor's so they don't bother where, um, they might pop into a general community centre and they'll see a leaflet and pick it up. And, um, is there any other material? Um, other than leaflets that you think it can reach people in a different kind of way

Um, maybe audio, um, advertisements as well. Um, depending on what you want to advertise as well. Billboards on the side of buses

Ok, brilliant. Thank you very much for your time today. Thank you


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