This volunteer works as a Digital Champion, helping people get online and learn basic digital skills to improve their lives. She shares her enjoyment of helping people and feels the role has changed her life.

tell me a little bit about your volunteering role. I work for re medium line to help people on the computer, and they can do both P and pay. Um um, P on the van? Yeah, I'm driving this and that and that. I can banking and helping in that

Yeah, It's a real lifeline for people, Isn't it? Sort of basic digital skills to get them connected to their community and their family and all various benefit forms and online shopping. And this goes on and on, doesn't it? So pretty sure that there are people that can help people with the digital skills? Yeah. Fantastic

You're doing a fabulous job. This, I hope. Yeah

And what made you want to volunteer in the first place? How did it all start? I don't know. Um well, I hope with me doing that. And so when the when is not and then that's when they don't come make me more

See more people. And how about yeah, You find it quite sociable. Do you? Yeah

What do you enjoy most about it? See, I'm meeting different people. Yeah, fantastic. I guess you get to meet more people than you would do in everyday life by sort of volunteering in different roles

You can you think of a particular memory or highlight of volunteering that you've enjoyed. And a man has to come every day, and I help him. I'm looking at co

Oh, yeah. I'm just browsing the Internet and seeing different things. You make him really happy with all the all the things that you show him

And do you feel appreciated? Yeah. Fantastic. Uh, does, um, volunteering make you feel more connected to your community? And if so, how do you think it does? Well, then they will, um, that being on the computer, um, making them more independent

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Would you recommend volunteering to others? Yeah

What's the benefits? Do you think of volunteering and make you feel feel happy if you help people and have it off and thinking about And do you find that volunteering is giving you more confidence? Yeah. Yes. Yeah

And what advice would you give someone that was thinking about volunteering? Do it. Do it. Yeah

Yeah. And how do you feel volunteering has changed your life. I mean, I do go out and mm, I I'm doing more things

OK, thank you very much for answering my questions. Thank you. Thank you


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