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A storyteller talks about their experience receiving housing support from P3 in Wolverhampton as a result of facing homelessness

OK, so stability and everything for about 20 years of my own business. Um, things that I work out. She disappeared with me. Kids fell on hard times

Um, the same as what I've said before P three. Support it from day one. from stage one, up until where I am now, Um, they took me to all my PTSD appointments, trauma appointments, um, supported me when I come out of my car last year

Um, basically, it's just been the best thing since spread. Really? I couldn't ask for anything else. How did you first, How did you know to approach P three? Was it an organisation that you was aware of? I come, I come away with it, actually, I had a business on the Wesel Road, and there was it was right opposite new cross hospital, and it was about 2015

60. Um, P three was rounding up some army people that took camp, um, up by Bentley Bridge, and they give me the cards. Um, because I was a business in the area and they said, If you see any rough sleepers, can you give us a call instead of approaching them? give us a call and we'll come down and see them

That's the one about P three. So it just stuck in your mind from them. And then when you found yourself in when I had to leave my house, um, I broke into, um a derelict P

Mary Drayton. Um, I was there for two nights, and then I just Google P three. I found the the number on there

I left a message, and within about 40 50 minutes, I had, uh, a bloke called Luke Morrison. He called me back and made an appointment for me, Um, to come back into Wolverhampton up to I think it was School Street in Wolverhampton. Uh, filled in the paperwork when I come over here, I was stopping on my mate set, um, for a few weeks

And then he sorted me the place out at, um three P three, living at 184, in Wolverhampton. They sold the building and then they moved me on to Wellington Road on stage one, to the hostel there and again, all the staff was saying, No, I can never had I've I've never had an issue. And when you when you say stage one

Like what? What does that mean? Just just because just for a bit of context. Really? Well, basically, it's, um it's like it's like an hostel, but it's like an hotel you've got. It's It's I've I've never been in a in a hostel or anything like that before, so I don't know what to expect

I just thought it was just gonna be like, I don't know, I could been in jail or something like that. Do you know what I mean? But when I got there, I had I had my own room. Um, they supplied me with all toiletries and that provided food breakfast

Um, there was there was always on site. Um, you could get to the office any time, any concerns and that, um and that was it. You had curfews or you had to If he wasn't back at a certain time, which is understandable, like, I mean, for me, it didn't make no difference to me, but if you let them know that he was going to be back later or something, then it was fine

Um, well, I personally never had any issues with the old process. What was this stage after that? After being in the hospital? Well, I was in the I was in the hospital longer, um, than what they planned on, um Because I come down with a mystery illness, Um, which meant I was hospitalised. Flat goin

Um, I was dead for about 4.5 minutes on a couple of occasions. Um, I was in hospital for through

I think it was mid February last year till the end of march. Um, then I come out of hospital. They did everything they could when I come out

And then sage and stage two, um, come and seen mannel, who was one of the staff members there to say that, um, we've got some stage two properties coming up who's, like, legible and blah, blah. And they put me forward. Um, so they come and spoke to me

They come and showed me this, Um, I come in, There was, um there was a two seater settee, uh, single bed, Um, fridge, washing machine. Um, my own bathroom. Everything was good to go

And since I've been here, I've just I need everything. So when I am ready to move on. I've got a couple of operations coming up, so they're not

They haven't given me no like pressure or anything. Like to to bid or anything like that. It's not

That's out of the question at the minute, Um, but I've just added that as and when, like with the finances that I've got to get my own stuff. So when I do get my own place, I'm just ready just to get a removal van and striding. Look, I think you mentioned at the start of stability that that was like a big a big thing for you

Well, yeah, cos when you suffer with mental health and PTSD and everything that you've gone through in the past like you're remaining having people like dying your arms and you saving people's lives And this, that and the other to to go from being a someone to being a nobody. That's how you feel. Do you know what I mean? Especially when you ain't got nowhere to go and live

You ain't got nowhere to call home. So when you've got somewhere to come to call on which they've provided, you've got a basin and really it's only up to you to, like, keep building on it. You can't keep relying on P three for and dates

And this that and the other like Do you know what I mean? It don't work like that. You gotta help yourself. So that's what I've done since day one

Like since I've been here. And this is this is what I've got so far. And I'm just gonna keep building on it, I think thinking about building on stuff in the future, Like, what have you got, like, a goal? Or like, an energy of mind of what you want? Where you want to get to? Yeah

I'm gonna get my business back. What? What business did you have? And what business do you want? Well, I'd I'm trying. I'm I'm I'm versed in in, um, surveillance and cause protection and things like that

But the business I set up, um, was in collaboration with the NHS because they they were struggling for maintenance on the vehicles and parking and stuff. And I had an opportunity to rent a large plot of land. Um, so we maintained the vehicles, the ambulances, and this that and the other and and created parking spaces for up to 90 NHS stuff

So that's that's That's what I did. We supported him through the covid, um, supplied boards with because they because visitors couldn't get to the wards, there was a lot of elderly patients and that that were getting toiletries. So we just donated all our what income we did have We donated it back in there

So they had the toiletries and we had them delivered. We did. We did things with Aldi and things with the the Royal British Legion and stuff to deliver all the stuff there

And, um, it never really recovered. It's only it's only been like the last few months where the visit teams like, started to get back to normal. So the outlay on the site and that just forced me to forced me to close it and then cos there's no income and you can't keep people in to the lifestyle I'm accustomed to

It takes strain on relationships and stuff like that. So that caused the marriage breakdown. And then from 19th of December 2021 um, I think he just got too much for the pair of us

So she asked me to go. I went and that was about it. Really? And started scratch again, looking into the future

Like what? Do you have an image of what? Where you're going to be like, I don't know, just in the future, Anything you're looking forward to, I put to myself. I'm capable of anything when I put my mind to I've just got to get my mind back in the game, which is coming back. I I'm working on about I'd say about 15 to 20% of what I was at the minute, but it's 10 15% more than what I was

And do you think, um, how how do you think P three has helped? Like in just being there? Even when you're on your own, you can pick the phone up. I mean, it's like last night. Um, I was in the show all of a sudden, all the electrics blew and everything

It turned out that there was, um it was a faulty radiator. Um, picked the phone up within an hour. I had two heaters down the electric route, back up, up and running

And by nine o'clock this morning, the engineers was here and the maintenance replaced the radiators and whatever, and it's all up and running. And like I say, there's nothing I I can't really praise them enough. I I'm just going on my own personal experience

I just sat it. But I have seen I have seen people kick off and and and go on about some nothing. And really, if if someone's got a bad word to say about anything, I think they've brought the problems on myself

If it's if you want me to speak truthfully, you know what I mean. I've got no reason to know. I mean, some of the some of the the grief and that stuff we've gone through it for more off know me

I think they do a good job. Because if someone spoke to me the way that they were speaking to them all acted on rip the head off to be fucking toy gods. Yeah, so I'll be Yeah, I ain't got no, honestly, because I bad word, they're just there

I mean, so the taxi let me down. Booked a taxi to take me to an appointment in Carrick. Um, 16th of January

How far away is II? I don't know. Wolverhampton at all. So it's a good It's a good 1520 more round for it

Yeah, yeah, it's a long distance. I found my support worker and she says she says, II, I can juggle a couple of appointments round. I'll speak to a colleague and then within 15 minutes she phoned me back

She says, Yeah, I can pick you up. We might just be a few minutes late. That's it

And then and that's happened on a few occasions. They're always there. You just got to ask for the help

But at the same time, you've got to show you doing so. Show a bit of commitment, And is there anything else that they've helped you with, or any other anything else that you're involved with that they've kind of, Yeah, they're always pushing that because of my background, and I get into too much detail, my support work and I was all that. But, um, she's she's pushed me to get a certain groups that she thinks that she'll help veteran groups

Um, things like that. Um but there's never been no pressure. She says this is happening here

This is happening. Then do you wanna come. Do you want me to tech here in this area that the options are always there? Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you feel like you

Sometimes you don't, but the option's always there. So you've got that side of it as well. They've invited me to day trips out

They've invited me to Christmas meals. That's like Christmas just gone. Um, they put a meal on a tech my road

Uh, I fancy to be. To be fair, I just want to be on my own. So I I gave but they never asked

No questions that they just said You all right? Checked in and that was it. Do you think that helps, like, kind of having the option and the freedom to choose when you do and don't want to get involved with things? Yeah, because for me personally, someone if in my head, I have I'm, like, regimented in certain things. So if someone tries to take me out that bubble, I it ain't happening

Do you know what I mean? But they just say if you wanna go, go um if you don't, you you You don't know a problem. You know where we are. And you know, if you need, if you need support in anything else or whatever, if you want to do something else, we'll do what we can Look, you see any issue, anything that I mean, this is This is sound for me

You can hear a pin drop. It's nice and it's nice and quiet. But any anything that does happen, um, in in the the only thing that has happened since I've been here, um, is obviously the A

So that was sorted straight away. Um, there was a crack in the word surface from before, but instead of seeing it, they just replace the whole lot. It's you can't you can't honestly, I can't knock him an anything else that you wanna mention or anything else you wanna talk about

I'll say, I think the stuff don't really get the credit that they deserve, Really? Um, just the way that they've treated me. I think they've brought up with a lot. I think there's I think there's certain sanctions should be put into place with the way certain what I've seen, especially in Stage one, the hostels, when there's when there's people abusing stuff and stuff like that

Do you know what I mean? And it's like the staff are putting up with it. They need to be held accountable one way down the line. Something like that

Something needs. I think something needs to be put into place. Where? I don't know

I wouldn't say fines or anything like that because it's all it's. You know, when you're in an hospital, you ain't got much anyway. But I don't think it should be took for granted

You've got a roof over your head when you are helping yourself. You know what I mean? I've probably put a roof over your head. And when when you're spitting on someone and E and blindly, I don't think they should be there

That's just my personal view. Anything else that you that's about it? Yeah, well, I'll stop the recording then, If that's OK, thank you very much. Yeah,

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