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The storyteller talks about their experience receiving support from P3 in Wolverhampton since coming out of hospital

again. Yeah. So what's the most significant change for you since moving into this? Um it helped me through from crisis and resettlement. Like Like I just said not long ago

You know, I. I had to go to hospital because I had a mental health crisis and I was detained. And, you know, rather than voluntary, I was held against my will

So it was section basically. And then I had to get better in hospital rather than the community. And then, uh, at the hospital, they've got different support and accommodations where they can put you forward for and, uh, that that's what it was about

Really? You know, and P three come up and I had a choice. So P three came up and I thought I'd give P three support a chance to try and help me in the community when I when I come out of hospital and that you know, uh, I haven't I haven't I haven't gone through homelessness or anything like that. I've never been homeless, but, uh, that that that a good support for Wolverhampton Birmingham with the West Midlands

Basically, I've heard a lot about P three and they do help people, you know, they do have, like street wardens as well. That will go out on the evening and take them and not drink and a little something to eat. And like in Wolverhampton City Centre, they've got like, um the thing that they do like on the evening

I don't know how many days a week it is, but like if there's, say, 50 or 60 people who are on this or maybe more greater, they they go out and support, give them like a hot meal and a drink. You know what I mean to help them. And they do try and offer them the support, you know, like the P three navigator in Wolverhampton

They do tell them to go there or Civic centre, whatever. But it's P three navigator and it goes from there basically. And then you go in stages

You go to Stage one where I did. I had to go to stage one first when I was a service user with another 15 people besides myself at the stage. One accommodation is that like the hostel, the hostel, Yeah, McKew Armagh Centre down on the Scotland estate in Wolverhampton by under so I was there for four months

I had to do four months day. That was like before I even got to this as flat. You know, it's part of resettlement and monitoring

Yeah, And so I did four months there, and then I was reviewed by management and support at stage one, and then they offered me stage two, which was four days is Marsh Lane. So that's like, the next stage where you're around less people. Well, the stage two for me was, uh, sharing a house with another two people

So and then, uh, I think it was 33 to 4 months I did at stage two. Uh, and then obviously, they had another meeting, Uh, the support workers. And obviously the stage two is having a meeting with the management and the S, a class support worker, letting them know what level I'm at

And I was at the stage to move to Hash Park. And I've been here now at the moment in 29 months, and I like it. I love it

You know, the the area is nice. Neighbours are lovely and it's quiet, you know, and it's helping me go forward. You know and support workers will always go to appointment with me if I feel as though I'm struggling or if they've been invited to an appointment

So they give you that support to go with you. So you ain't You ain't feeling alone or nervous anxious or you don't want to go to that appointment. I'm always there

And obviously, since I've been in the S a flat the 1st 12 months, my support worker was named Bobby. She was lovely, you know, she helped me to the best way. She can, uh, set up my house and benefit up and everything and start with British Gas and Electric because it's combined to help set up my utility bills

You know, um, and just like general housing support, But like, after the first say four weeks, uh, Bobby felt today need weekly support. It was, like, pushed up to fortnightly. So every two weeks, um, and ever since ever since then it's been like that, or sometimes it's weekly with with Leanne Clark, who's my current support worker at the moment

So, um, but yeah, they had, like, um, apart like for this accommodation, like, well, for stage one and stage two. I had to pay service charge, but like for the SAS flat, my rent's covered because I have to pay all my bills Gas, electric water, TV licence, council tax shopping, that kind of thing. You know what I mean? So my my rent's cover for the property I'm in at the moment, but I have to pay all my bills, but, um the the the the supports there as well while I'm here and like, Leanne, this is like temporary, you know, minimum two years maximum up to five

But, um, I am currently bidding with Wolverhampton Arms, but I'm in band two, so it's not emergency band in, so obviously band ones more emergency where people need accommodation straight away. So I'm in band two. Um, there has been a couple of hiccups with the online, like with Wolverhampton arms because they had to keep upgrading, and it's been difficult to get onto the website

Do you know what I mean? So Leanne Leanne's helped me with that which I was very grateful of, You know, I. I explained to her because I'm having trouble getting on, you know? Can't can't log in. I can't bid she says

No problem, Andrew. I will help you. Um, so she's helped me with that? She always asks if I'm up to date with my bills, Um, that she checks my mental health as well

She looks at my mental health as well as my housing because she knows my mental health around it as well. She looks at my medication, asked me if I order it collected. And I said, Yeah, do all that

So but yeah, And then, like in the a flat here, it's like if you it's once a month, they did the health and safety checks. Do you know what I mean? Every every four weeks, they have to do health and safety checks because obviously that's that's part of the terms and conditions, you know? And, um, I always have to be in, like, if, uh, any maintenance. I got to come and do repairs

The date and time is always fixed to give me that time and day when they come in, uh, as maintenance or gas certificate to check the boiler electrics or General, General, um, just just general things that need doing in the property, you know what I mean? But, um yeah, it's OK. I like. I like it here at the moment

It's me home at the minute. I know it's temporary, but like people are good. They're not going to ICT people or kick people out on the streets that that that are supported accommodation people for support to help people get back to where they need to be, like, You know what I mean? Good health, good mental health, social networking, everything like that

It's like they explore everything and that's what it's about, you know? And I think without P three in Wolverhampton, Birmingham or the cover of All the West Midlands If we didn't have, like, P three around I think you know a lot of people who are homeless or do have genuine needs. What can fit P three criteria without them, you know it it it will not be. It will not be good, you know

And I think like even if the government get to find out what P three do you know most most. Most of them, you know, the key workers who I've met. They deserve awards because they give the poor their heart out

They've probably been there themselves. So they're helping us to get back to where we need to. You know what I mean? So if if, like the government London, the prime minister or anybody you know, it's it's it's not negative, it's all positive

So, you know, um, like, the way I can put it. It's like, um, for for P three to be recognised. Do you know what I mean? For what they do, you know? So it's good

It's helping me, you know, I'm bidding. I I've not been getting nowhere at the moment, but what it is is because, you know, we're overpopulated at the moment. Um, I'm not against it or anything

It takes time. It takes us out. It takes as long as it takes and obviously, you know, even, like just for an example

So if I'm bidding for a property at the moment, there could be another three or 500 people bidding for that property as well. So one person or one tenant will be successful and the rest are not successful because unsuccessful. Because you've still got to keep bidding, You know what I mean

So it's it's a bit of a it's a mission You know, it takes as long as it takes. And that's why I say they won't ev V evict me or anything unless they have ground to or anything like that or serious concerns. Uh, but they they've said for this tenancy I'm in at the moment on me

Um, I'm here till I'm Rios. So, basically, you know, it's until I get a new tenancy, but it it does that feel? Yeah. How does that feel knowing that you you're not going to be? Well, I think to myself sometimes because, like, you know, when I when it was Bobby who who told me He says you stay in an ass

A flat is minimum two years. Maximum five. Well, I've done 2

5 already. Now, you know what I mean. So I'm going to be near enough near another six months

I beat in the three year barrier, and then there's two years left. You know what I mean? But but since Leanne's took over Leanne Clark, my current support worker, she says you you're here to your Rios and, uh, you know, and like, when I do, that's another thing. When I do get Rios like I'll go into a flat on my own

Um, I will get three months support, like from P three. Still, I think it's three months support when I go into my own property of my own so that they'll be there, like to just, you know, have a look at the tendency when we may view the tendencies to see if it's if it's the right one for me, you know what I mean? Have a look around, you know, See if it is. See if it is the right right move

Uh, but the three months support will probably be just a second year in, and it's like I struggle with, like with age and benefits and online things, anything to do with online paperwork or anything. I struggle with that, but with everything else that I can do, I'm all right. You know, I manage my bills, tenancy, shopping and all that

I can do all that. It's just it's the online all on computer, because before it went online, it was all like paperwork. Or you make an appointment to go and see somebody in in a centre or facility, and they help you

But it's all gone online now where I do find that a bit, you know? Sorry. Is it confusing? It's confusing, and it's a bit difficult because I don't understand it. Well, do you know what I mean? Have you have you got access to the Internet? Like, do you have a laptop and an Internet connection? No, no, I don't have laptop or PC computer now, so it's a massive barrier

Really? Lean helps me with that. You know what I mean? So and And I know you mentioned before they as well as them helping with, like, paperwork benefits and things like that is like a social aspect to it is the only social activities that you that you get involved with. Three people activities

Well, there has been, uh, two. As of now, they've took us to Bentley Bridge. Hollywood ball where we've played pool

We've gone there. Um and obviously I think it was just before Bridge north. I can't remember what it was called Something to do with all the badges

I don't know whether you know it's bad. Yeah, it was like it was like a tow path. Thing was walking through the woods

Uh, Marie she was another key worker, and another 22 or three service users besides myself and Leon, it was like half day out, like, you know what I mean? Just to go out. And what was that like? It was all right. We didn't We didn't see our badges, but you could see where the bad roles and all that

You know what I mean? I don't think I've ever seen a badger in real life. You know, it's like the woodland in bridge That is a proper name for you. I don't know what to call it, though, unless it's bad as well

We took some people. Yeah, so that's where, uh, but that's it as well. You know, it's like I spent Christmas with my neighbour Christmas just gone

But for people who are on their own or anything, they always say there's a Christmas meal if you go to one of the nearby hostels, so you'd have to be on your own and that kind of thing. But I did all right this year, you know, before and you know there's always something to offer that they always offer something. You know what I mean? Which is good

And I know you mentioned as well. Some of the support workers have, like, experience of different things that they're helping people through as well. Do you? Do you think that helps in terms of, like, their understanding and their experience? Do you think that helps in terms of the kind of support that they can give you? Well, yeah, because obviously you know a person as a service user like myself or anyone else

It doesn't matter if you're a hostel stage tube, sass flat. We've all got different problems. So obviously, you know, some support workers, you know, might help people through addiction or mental health or armless

So it's different. And I think, you know, having it having different, say, some addiction, some mental health and some armless, having it as a mixture rather than just full addiction or anything like that. It it's good for the support workers because they ain't just dealing with that one aspect

Like addiction. They're helping people with mental health. They're helping people with the homeless, homelessness as well

You know what I mean? So the catering for all it's a catering combination, the catering for everything rather than just one, you know what I mean? And that's why they're good. You know, it's not just like boxing someone off and saying No, and I think because the support workers as well they've probably been there or they've not probably been there but what they do as well to to to to get the the the hearing from the service use. But obviously like management, might send the support workers, maybe on training for different things, like how to deal with people with harmlessness, training for mental health, in the community, with people who have got mental health or helping people with addiction or pointing them in the right direction

You know what I mean? There's a few you got, uh, a a Alcohol anonymous for people who have alcohol problem. You've got recovery here with people who've got, like drug addiction or gambling problems, that kind of thing. So the services are there in Wolverhampton

But I think you know, maybe some people who are homeless at the moment the fear because they know they want the support, but they don't want the support. It's like two minds. They want it or they don't want it, you know

But I think from my point of view, you you can help somebody if they want the help. You can't force people to have the help, but it's always nice to get the help and the support workers feel good then because if if somebody wants to help, once the support workers have helped you and gained you to where it makes them feel better because they've achieved something as well, you know what I mean? They can probably go on at the end of the day having a smile or feeling happy. I've helped these people today

It's made me feel good, but obviously like there's always the bad side of it as well. You know there's risks. That's why people have to have risk assessments and that kind of thing as well

So it's as I say, it's all different. You know, they can have bad days. They can have good days like the support works will have good days and bad days like like because we have good days and bad days

You know myself, I have my good days and my bad days, but you know it's not all bad and it's OK to not be OK. as well. That's why I That's the way I learned

You know what I mean? You've got this. Yeah. You know exactly what's going on

I feel like you would make a good support worker. You've got all the knowledge of all the organisations and how things would work. Yeah, and anything else that you want to share or any anything you just say and I

I did say, you know, if if it's got to go up on social media or anything like that, you know, it would just be nice for P three to be recognised for what they do. You know what I mean? It's like so So Jay Blaze. I watch the repair shop sometimes, but he's been recognised by King Charles

You know, he deserves an award, You know what I mean? He gets one of them awards or whatever for repair shop and everything. You know what I mean? But everything, It's just that it would be nice for P three to be recognised for what they do, which they probably already are. But obviously, just to keep, it's just to keep like, um, making sure, you know, upload different

Just keeping up loading of what they offer you. Sharing your stories really helps get that message out there. Thank you for sharing

No, it's fine. But, you know, that's why I say Wolverhampton would miss P three if they went, you know, closed doors like, you know, if they closed doors and it didn't have any impact, you know Wolverhampton would miss P three a lot. The supporting organisations as well you know what I mean? They're all different, you know, everything's different

What do you think is unique about P three compared to other organisations, they're good, you know? Probably the other support Accommodations are good as well. You know what I mean? It's just, you know, they've helped me through three stages, haven't they? From hospital to stage one from stage one to stage two to here. And obviously I am bidding, um with Wolverhampton arms

So the support will be there when I do go into that to that flat as well. So I ain't going to be there on my own. But it's just it's basically resettlement

It's resettlement. Yeah, Brill an anything else before we finish, that's it. I just wanna say thank you for them

To them like Thank you. I'm very grateful. I appreciate what they offer and you know I am

I'm I'm a happy service user. You know, I've got nothing negative to say about P three. They are

They're good, They are good. Yeah. I want to say just just keep up the good work that they do, You know what I mean? Because some supported accommodations

People think it's class, but class comes as standard, you know what I mean? So it's not all about who's better than other like different supported organisations. It's not who's better than the other ones and weaker than the other ones. It's just about what What's there, what's offered, you know, And we, we we we were the way a P free are going at the moment

I just want them to to help other people who, like myself or who are in crisis now, like armless or housing, who that who they need and not just, You know, I I'll always say to myself, if people need a or anything and they're struggling to go and talk with P three, you know, and that that they'll sit down with you and listen and then they'll open up and then they'll see what options they can give you. You know? So but yeah, that's what I'm all I say. Thank you to P three for what they've offered me

And I continue to do well and that's it. Thank you. Brilliant

Thank you very much..

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