• A storyteller talks about their experience

A former nurse speaks about her experience working in mental health hospitals in her past as part of the Oral Histories Project

in your experience of mental health hospitals in Yorkshire Now, you know, stuff he made. No, You know, staff, there ain't enough stuff. And then you can't get apple products you wanted? No, you to sort of body enough with the Villanova wild or whatever. Where did you work? I worked

How driven hospital. It would have told me in the hospital. There were no women there at first

And then they said to sent Mary up. And then I went up after every one woman there. But they were all men

Male staff. We started doing that about Nancy. I can't remember the ante sorted anyway

And then I worked at all to know that we're all men and Children. And there were those staff. Wouldn't Nice

There were three people are wood on. There were 22 outbuildings. Wouldn't work for Children and for men

But then it went right, kid and stuff. You know what I mean. And there were one on Oh, no

And falling into patients. Three stories and stuff, One stuff and, like one step on a beach. That's how it worked out

Now we were really short of stuff. What was that like one of about a bit bit frightening. You know, I was on a beach on the beach

I I didn't like working on their own meal. Somebody said they were onto down. We're still waiting for them coming, but it stretches it

You see, we found down at all tunnel on a beach view. Uh, you sat in office. I mean, you probably won't believe this, but many more come from that work there

And all of a sudden, you down and put steps when you got up and went up to there were not scary down there. Uh, then they built this place. We came up and had a look around

Uh, I mean, you don't know. This madness is and this is feel dead. Yeah, this is fear of that

And then I feel that is not nice. Then centre Frank Roberts up with 30 patients 1st, 1st lot. And then they sent me up

I would first appear and they sent me up. And this old hospital, though I may that's how bad it will. Then and then when it first and then you got quite a lot of stuff

You know, otherwise we worked on his almost in time even here. Just want any stuff. When did Alton Holland Beach clothes? When they came up here in 1972? It was in 1972 when it closed

I mean, it went quite well. There were a lot of stuff on days download, but we know everybody, every one of them places you could get out what you want to do. I would say when I came appear there was some stuff, but most natural worked on, You know, these passions

I don't think they do it now. But if you wanted anything and you run down to Rice to charge this as well, they would come and help here bit like I say Then they were brothers and they said were altered. Get that working up there either because the coast, I mean, where was that? You were here and brother, and they'll tell you experience his own brother

Don't talk about I've got some. But it could be joking. Something else, you know, like you go and cuts of meat may be noises that release

I built it frightening, but like you said, there was just stuff that's all. And then gradually, while we would have paid quite a few staff. We've got some stuff

Would Stanley Wright came to work here as well, you know. Then how can you could study over to, like, you say, there are three hospitals candidate unknown. And what would their memories of Stanley, right? We'll be so much standing right trading there

Oh, he used to come home with all sorts that I did work there. But I'll be I had a friend. A weird night

Same time as me and man is scheduled to work. Charger used to let me go up. I used to go over there to say I don't think I could do work to start on the right

You know, that type of patient I didn't know most about her is she took crack, You know, we were still I'll tell you about wouldn't abuse out. Now. There were two words with 1300

Then there's the day room where you know where they are getting this. One patient had the bed in there, but he slept. Carter couldn't get him to go in bed

Anyway. These new new officer came to, well Normandy Beach and he came and he said What's that man doing in that kind of? There's a bed there. Said he won't

He won't go in. Don't be silly. He went over and nearly killed him

Get out of every two. Get him with the chair to get him out. That was like that

Like I said, he said to what? I've been used doing us because this will be doing everything you know about. I loved it. Why did you leave? I had to leave a patient when the patient is in a wheelchair

What we had I respect, uh, patient. I don't respect in the way of chatting a bit violent, but it was in a wheelchair and would it nice? I was walking around to to look around and it was to be around Carter and he run into us with his wheelchair and I could work. Could have worked out a way

Didn't have much to do, but the one any like that. So I had to leave. I didn't want that


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