A storyteller shares some insight into why they came along to the briefing session at the Mental Health Museum as part of the Oral Histories Project.

Hello, Stuart, can you tell me what brought you here today? Okay, so I'm still I work for community links Engagement, recovery service or a mental health charity work across the border in the band based in Kurt, please. I'm an engagement workers. So I try to encourage people who lived experience of mental health issues as part of their recovery, to engage in activities and groups and things that will help support the recovery. Um, so I do have a bit of a history of mental health Museum, because just before covid, we were planning on the project here called the Asylum Projects, which is about bringing our clients along here to explore the archives about how people used to retreat in terms of mental health and comparing them to their own experiences

So when I saw this, I thought it was a good opportunity for some of our lot to come along to learn some new skills to get involved in collecting in collecting stories. So I'm here today, really, just to find out what the dates were, what was going to be involved, What sort of support might be available? It was going to happen. The information so I can go back and do a pitch to our clients

And Stephen was interested, and I've got the answers to those questions. So that's what brought me here. Thank you

Shock. That was short and sweet one. That's the point


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