A Wildlife Wardens Life

Dj Kember at your service

The greatest dj this side of Larner Road 

by lazerkember

Well what can i say i love the outdoors the sweetness of the country air and the peace and tranquility of the open space and the wildlife that supports it.

Dj Kember at your service

The greatest dj this side of Larner Road 

Im a volunteer Wildlife warden in a small area of Kent in the town of Erith.I work for Orbit housing in a area know as the dell which is being regenerated this autumn to be a site of local importance for nature conservation.

My job is to maintain the natural habitat and whan regenerated this year a community orchard will be created to serve as a local landmark. I enjoy the voluntary job outside my job at the local McDonalds who sponser the Dell and help Orbit regulary in cleaning the site up.

Once a orchard and a natural flood plain the dell was prevously used as a dumping ground for the past 30 Years and last year we decided the dell should get a new least of life so i volunteered as volunteer wildlife warden and it is being regenerated in sync with the ERITH PARK regeneration programme.

I also help with various community events within Erith park prevously known as larner Road which i have such fun in which i Dee jayed during the charity abseil down Medina house organised by Project manager Caroline Field I also run a Karaoke for the Summer funday in 2011.

Recently My life on larner Road was made in the form of a poem and later turned into a film hich won a award for best bexley film at the Rob Knox film Awards 2013 and shown on the big screen you can also find this film on u tube starring myself and my hubby called THE BALLAD OF LARNER ROAD. Written by poet Luke Wright and directed by Dan Eycott.

I also Helped run the opening of the new temporary community centre which premiered THE BALLAD OF LARNER ROAD on the 5TH Febuary 2013. Mcdonalds suppplied us with the use of the Orange bowl and a popcorn machine was at hand to make it feel like a cinema.

Being a Wildlife warden has given me a new lease of life i am more organised happy and revived i have been in the face of the media many times being in news paper articles many times and a film shown on the big screen. I am also working with fellow core group members in developing a time capsule which will be situated in the dell and opened in 50 years time.

I have now been asked to be a Community Resident Reporter which im in training for over the Next 4 Months and i get to show my new found skills tommorow when i cover the ERITH PARK HOARDING DAY in which residents both old and new and local schools have been invited to portray things old and new about LARNER ROAD.



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