Is the iPad the revolutionary technology for older people?


Are tablets like the iPad the revolutionay technology for older people? The article quoted from below argues that they are. 


Demography is, indeed, destiny. The world — particularly the wealthy OECD countries — is growing older. This creates enormous fiscal strains for social welfare states but fantastic market opportunities for device-driven innovators. Mobile phones are too small; their screens too tiny and keyboards too minute. But tablets have emerged as ideal media platforms for those requiring larger fonts and bigger keys. The iPad — originally marketed as the hip & cool media consumption device — has ceased to be a symbol of youth and vitality. It's now how silver haired executives — and 75 year old grandmas — read the news, manage their email and play games with the kids. When this reality is linked to emerging medical research indicating that mental exercise can delay the onset and impact of cognitive diminution, it's clear that there are more reasons for the aged population to have tablets than not. Any company with older customers that doesn't customize apps and offerings for their 60+ users are guilty of brand-destructive age discrimination.




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