Game Trending - Why is Whatching Minecraft Addictive?

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Why do people love to watch Minecraft Videos across internet?

Video games are popular and many youtubers make game videos on youtube to either offer advice on the game, express their opinions on the game or just entertain the people who watch it.
People watch video games on internet due to the videos entertaining the viewer or for the viewer to listen and watch other people with similar interests for the games they play!

Minecraft is a sandbox game, which means its more of a creative game instead of a story telling game. It could be compared to a book and a movie; In a movie you have a fixed image of the scene, in a book you can ‘imagine’ the scene.
Minecraft is like lego, you can build whatever you want with whatever block, so people can express themselves through the game.

I watch minecraft videos to get ideas on how to build my base, or tips on how to mine or information about different servers. Moreover, I watch minecraft videos to see what other people made and then to copy it and show it my friends, or to even watch people do lets plays( Lets plays are basically how the person recording plays the game). Other people watch mini games people build on minecraft like hunger games for entertainment or to see the tactic they use.

Minecraft isn’t a closed game, it’s always being updated with new items for people to see and use to create more things. This shows that minecraft is used as a building material for building mini games, fighting arenas and cool buildings that are used to show off to your friends. Its where peoples brains can go creative, make whatever they want, and the videos let them share their ideas. That is why people watch minecraft videos and get addicted to them; they cover a large area of gaming interests.

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