In Loving Memory of my dear friend Janette.

June 16th 2013 This is in loving memory of my dear friend whom this evening I found out has passed away..........   Janette Fox ( Duddle)   


We went to primary school together then we went to the local high school for girls "Clarendon "  went our seperateways when we left school and about 6months before my mum passed away we were reunited thrugh a strange turn of events and it was via her mother in law wefound eachother again.  sadley her mother in law passed away and then in 2002 so did mine.

My school friend and her husband came to the funeral and it was at this time my friend told me she had Huntington's disease.  this claimed her mothers life and now its claimed her's.  Tonight I have been told it is about to claim her sister's life also.

Both sister's are pictured here and the one on the left is my dear friend and the one on the right is her sister Doris.

Words cannot express how I feel right now but I want anyone out there who knows about Huntington's to share it with me, to help me understand and help me come to terms with my loss of a friend who was so bubbly happy go lucky so caring of others ad most of all she always ha a smile on her face.  

Right now I dont understand what has happened to her what she went through what she felt.

and why?????????????

Doris was exactly the same and now this is going to take her also from her family. 


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